Rouble the Black Labrador

I wanted to share some pictures of my freinds dog, for whom I wrote the Ode to the Utility Room, mainly in the hope that you will all go awwww and join me in my kidnap plan to save him from the utility room bogeyman.

Rouble was bred by Helen and Frank of Claychalk Labradors and I have to say they did a wonderful job, he is such a handsome boy and a lovely temperament.

His Sunday name is Claychalk Costa Rouble but we call him Roo and please note that Claychalk breed excellent working dogs and there is no strict requirement to dress them in bandanas!!

You may notice that in these photo’s Roo is looking rather spoilt, surrounded by toys and dressed in his fetching bandana’s but don’t let that fool you, it is simply propaganda put out by his cruel mother and he still needs supporters to join me in a rescue bid.

If there are any handsome country loving gentlemen out there that would like to meet Roo or his cruel mother, she is a moderator on my country dating website and is a terrific lady … despite her utility room antics.

Now that’s a working dog … although knowing Roo it simply means someone a mile away was opening a packet of crisps.

Now that’s a happy dog, long walks on the beach.

Now I said don’t let his toy collection fool you, she just hired them in for the photo and really he needs to be rescued and brought to safety …. at my house.

A very fashion concious dog, Roo never leaves home improperly dressed.

I told you he was gorgeous didn’t I … but he would be more gorgeous if he lived with me … honest!!!

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7 Responses to “Rouble the Black Labrador”

  1. (22 comments.) Says:

    He is gorgeous Sally. One smart looking “Gringo”.
    (A wonderful beach shot.)

    Roy Norris’s last blog post..

  2. Sam Says:

    At this rate I am going to have to hire some Lab Guards to protect my son and heir lol

  3. frank gilroy (2 comments.) Says:

    love the comments he does look sad if i get the chance to kidnap him ,can i come too

  4. Sally Says:

    YAY my first recruit for SRURT ….. (SRURT = Save Rouble from the Utility Room Team)

    I’ll provide the black balaclavas, flask of tea and cheese sandwiches Frank … can you provide transport and doggy treats to lure him into the car?

  5. Sam Says:

    Right ….. I am going to hide him away ….. you will have to come and find us lol

  6. Leon Huang from Singapore Photographer (2 comments.) Says:

    Cute labby! :D

  7. mark from la pavoni stradavari (1 comments.) Says:

    awwwww but I think my Chihuahua is cuter :)

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