Amersham Horse Trader Gets 6 Months

Amersham horse trader, James Gray,has finally been sentenced (yipee) after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to 40 equines, following a 12 week trial. While it is not the sentence many equine lovers would like it was the maximum the Judge could hand down. James Gray was sentenced to 6 months in prison, a [...]


UK Food Labelling – Animal Welfare Groups

Why would I include animal welfare groups in this series of articles about UK food labelling? In other articles we’ve looked at this issue from the side of food producers and food processors, both are obvious players in the UK food labelling saga. However animal welfare groups, like Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) and the [...]


Amersham Horses – Guilty Verdict

Finally a verdict in the Amersham horses case … GUILTY … hurrah. James Gray and his son James Gray Junior (the youth that could not be named for legal reasons) were found guilty of all 11 counts of animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. His wife Julie and daughters Jodie and Cordelia, after [...]


Amersham Horses – Update April 2009

One year and two weeks after I last posted about the Amersham horses welfare case we still don’t have a conclusion in one of the largest animal welfare cases ever held in Britain. Fair enough, the wheels of justice do tend to grind painfully slowly but this case just seems to beggar belief. If it [...]


Is British Farming Necessary

I would really like to thank a reader of this blog for her recent comments on the post about the Welsh badger cull to stem the spread of bTB in Wales which was recently announced. It is difficult to sum up this blog or why I do it but these comments have given me the [...]