Burt the Bat and the Blackcurrant Jelly Saga

This is the story of little Burt the Bat and a story I am ashamed to tell .. but here goes anyway. Let’s start at the beginning. At our farm we are lucky enough to have a colony of Pipistrelle bats and we are extremely fond of our bats. Unfortunately sickness in the colony drastically [...]


Red Tape Forcing Farmers to Quit

Have a read of this: “This means farmers will have to calculate the level of available nitrogen already in the soil, the N requirement of the crop, the available N from planned spreading of livestock manures and calculate the remaining level of manufactured nitrogen they can apply. Accurate record keeping is also a requirement.” Is [...]


EU and CAP – Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Isn’t the EU and CAP just a way to rob Peter to pay Paul, leaving the UK billions poorer so we can have a badge saying we’re in the gang? Sorry but I was looking up a statistic regarding the common agricultural policy and came across an article about the UK and EU and felt [...]


Kicking the Plastic Bag Habit in the UK

For any of us that live or just visit the countryside there are few things more depressing than seeing the amount of fly tipped rubbish and discarded plastic carrier bags clinging to trees, bushes and floating in streams and rivers. I think our addiction to the convenience of plastic carrier bags is well shown on [...]


British Wildlife advocates that go too far!

The further I read into Simon Barnes’ article Is killing birds just a part of another culture? in the Times Online a few days ago, the madder I got. The second paragraph sets the scene “It is a small part of English culture to sit under a tree on an afternoon in June, to close [...]