Burt the Bat and the Blackcurrant Jelly Saga

This is the story of little Burt the Bat and a story I am ashamed to tell .. but here goes anyway. Let’s start at the beginning. At our farm we are lucky enough to have a colony of Pipistrelle bats and we are extremely fond of our bats. Unfortunately sickness in the colony drastically [...]


Support Our Winter Wildlife

Between the dreadful floods and the UK’s deepest winter freeze in decades North Cumbria would be forgiven for feeling a little bedraggled of late. Of course with the luck I have I started a market trading business in October, just in time to be flooded out in November and then frozen out in from late [...]


How to Make a Hedgehog House | Wildlife

In the last post we looked at attracting hedgehogs to your garden so now we need to know how to make a hedgehog house. Hedgehogs will only stay around your garden if they find a warm secure place to hibernate over the winter months and a good supply of food and water on warm days. [...]


Pets and Fireworks – Protect Your Animals on Bonfire Night

Pets and fireworks simply do not mix. Bonfire night is a fun time for us roasting marshmallows and going “ooooh” as fireworks paint the sky can actually be a pet’s idea of hell. Every year many pets are lost or injure themselves through the fear of fireworks. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse or [...]

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Inside A Wasp Nest

Once the wasps were dead I was able to cut the wasps nest down and get a look inside. Here are some photographs of the inside of a wasp nest. We saw the outside of the wasps nest in my blog post what does a wasps nest look like. Unfortunately as these pictures are taken [...]