How to Make a Hedgehog House | Wildlife

In the last post we looked at attracting hedgehogs to your garden so now we need to know how to make a hedgehog house. Hedgehogs will only stay around your garden if they find a warm secure place to hibernate over the winter months and a good supply of food and water on warm days. [...]


Attracting Hedgehogs to Your Garden | Caring for Hedgehogs

Should you be lucky enough to have a hedgehog visit your garden or wish to attract one and see it safely through the winter months there are lots of excellent books in libraries and experts at wildlife centres for advice. Failing being able to visit one of these then you can read the excellent information [...]


Pets and Fireworks – Protect Your Animals on Bonfire Night

Pets and fireworks simply do not mix. Bonfire night is a fun time for us roasting marshmallows and going “ooooh” as fireworks paint the sky can actually be a pet’s idea of hell. Every year many pets are lost or injure themselves through the fear of fireworks. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse or [...]

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Inside A Wasp Nest

Once the wasps were dead I was able to cut the wasps nest down and get a look inside. Here are some photographs of the inside of a wasp nest. We saw the outside of the wasps nest in my blog post what does a wasps nest look like. Unfortunately as these pictures are taken [...]


Vets say Badger culling needed to tackle TB in Britain

On 9th July 2009 the British Veterinary Association agreed a policy statement on the issue of Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) in Britain. Nicky Paull, President of the BVA, said “Bovine TB has an unacceptable impact on animal health and welfare and has the potential to be a risk to public health. Yet the current strategy for [...]

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