Picking Wild Fruit from Hedgerows – The Rules

Picking wild fruit from hedgerows, or foraging as it’s known, is a past-time I’m sure we can all remember from our childhood. The time honoured favourite fruit for picking has always been blackberries and as they are due to ripen later this month I thought I would set out some un-written rules for picking wild [...]


Organic Food and Nutrition, New Review Released

Oh dear, here we go again with another verbal tennis match between the organic lobby and the conventional food lobby … will it be wet lettuce leaves at dawn? The Food Standards Agency have just released a review, which they themselves commissioned, into previously published studies of the nutritional values of organic and conventional foods. [...]


UK Food Labelling – Animal Welfare Groups

Why would I include animal welfare groups in this series of articles about UK food labelling? In other articles we’ve looked at this issue from the side of food producers and food processors, both are obvious players in the UK food labelling saga. However animal welfare groups, like Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) and the [...]


Receivers called in by Dairy Farmers of Britain

Another sad day for British farming as the Dairy Farmers of Britain call in the receivers. The news of receivers being called in happened on the same day the Farmers Weekly reported that farming industry leaders called for retailers to pay a fair price for milk. I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but the [...]


UK Food Labelling – Food Processors

As most of the British public shop in one of the large supermarket chains, the producers and retailers of our food are by and large the same entity. This is the stage in the production of our food where food labelling has a problem. Supermarkets are using the current EU legislation to deliberately mislead us [...]