What to do with excess tomatoes | Tomato Sauce Recipe

Simon has sent me a message asking what to do with excess tomatoes … Easy Tomato Sauce recipe is called for I think. Growing your own can be a frustrating experience, you seem to wait forever for them to ripen and then suddenly you have so many you don’t know what to do with them. [...]


Auction to Kill a Rare White Deer Causes Row

In just over a fortnight stalking season will open and roe deer had better watch their tails but I was dismayed to read about hunters bidding to kill a very rare white roe deer. Kevin Stuart holds the hunting rights to the estate at Kirkconnel in Dumfries and Galloway, where the deer lives, and he [...]


2009 International Sheepdog Trials to be held in Cumbria UK

The International Sheepdog Trials for 2009 will be held in Lowther Castle, Penrith, Cumbria, UK between the 11th – 13th September 2009. This is great news for Penrith as the Lowther Driving Trials and Country Fair has been cancelled this year due to the dreadful wet weather recently and there is no time to get [...]


Working Dogs Should Work

There are few sadder sights than an overweight miserable dog designed for country sports lolling by the fire waiting for the next meal to magically appear before it. From sheep dogs to gun dogs to hunting dogs and beyond we often see these dogs bought and kept as family pets with little more than a [...]


EU Money Supporting Spanish Bullfighting

I nipped over to Dawgdogs blog today to read a disturbing story on EU money being used to support bullfighting in Spain. I haven’t included the bloody details of the bulls death as I feel we are all fully aware of what some call blood sports and others see as blood lust. However I was [...]

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