Free Days Out – Heritage Open Days 2009

Heritage Open Days 2009 will run across Europe from 10 to 13 September and offer fascinating free days out for everyone. In Cumbria we will see events ranging from Ancestry Sessions to Tattie Pot Suppers and Guided Walks to Wartime re-enactments … to name just a few of the events being held here. English Heritage [...]

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British Egg Production | Where do your eggs come from?

I’m really lucky, when I fancy an egg sandwich I just nip out to the barn, push a chicken or duck out of the way and grab a couple of fresh eggs. Not many people are that lucky and most have to buy their eggs in a supermarket but do you understand all that marking [...]


Rural Community Takes Matter Into Their Own Hands

What would you do if you lived in a remote rural area and needed to recruit a GP? Rural GP’s are getting harder to find, with most doctors preferring a town or city with regular hours and easy to make home calls. The residents of Applecross, a remote rural area in the Scottish Highlands, have [...]

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Working from Home – Can You Make Money

An issue that often crops up for the likes of farmers wives is can you make money working from home and if so how. I am not talking about running a business from home but being paid as a home worker, an employee that works at home. The benefits of living in the countryside simply [...]


Places to visit in Cumbria | A day out in Carlisle

On a day out in Cumbria you can find something to entertain the whole family. Cumbria is not just the home of the Lake District and rugged scenery, there are many places of interest to see. Let’s start with Carlisle, as it’s the capital city of Cumbria and the most Northerly town in England. Carlisle [...]