Labrador Retriever Puppies | Working Dogs

Exelby Labradors have a current litter of labrador retrievers that will make excellent working or show dogs. I haven’t yet seen any pictures but judging by the parents I can’t wait to get a look at the puppies. Beanie (Exelby Beanie Baer) produced a litter to Timantti Solid Davidson (that is his photo on the [...]


Rouble the Black Labrador

I wanted to share some pictures of my freinds dog, for whom I wrote the Ode to the Utility Room, mainly in the hope that you will all go awwww and join me in my kidnap plan to save him from the utility room bogeyman. Rouble was bred by Helen and Frank of Claychalk Labradors [...]


Ode to the Utility Room


I thought I would share with you just how horrid I am to my friends. A good friend has a beautiful black labrador that I have been trying to kidnap for ages. Because he has managed to creep further and further up the stairs, to the point that he was sleeping on her bed while [...]


Ollie’s Exploits in the Showring

After Ollie’s excellent start to the show year, taking 2 x 1sts at Carlisle, Wish, Ollie and I head off to Ingliston to the the Caledonian Open in excellent spirits (me) and high spirits (Ollie), thinking our Italian Judge would like him.. Franco Barberi (Loch Mor) is a judge I hold in very high regard. [...]

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Working Dogs Category

This new category of the Rural Diaries will be devoted to working dogs, from breeding to training and their working lives to their daft exploits. Over time I shall introduce you to some of the very special dogs I have the pleasure of knowing .. no not my over fed lumps but real working dogs [...]

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