Growing Green: How to Become a Farmer in the UK

Breaking into the UK agricultural industry has traditionally been a family affair. Children are inspired to take up their parents’ profession, and the family farm is passed down to the next generation. Today, more children of farming families are permanently leaving the farming profession in favor of other career paths. This turn of events has [...]


Free Days Out – Heritage Open Days 2009

Heritage Open Days 2009 will run across Europe from 10 to 13 September and offer fascinating free days out for everyone. In Cumbria we will see events ranging from Ancestry Sessions to Tattie Pot Suppers and Guided Walks to Wartime re-enactments … to name just a few of the events being held here. English Heritage [...]

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Country Shows and Fairs 2009

My thanks to Sam who pain-stakingly sat and typed all these dates out for us \(sorry it’s all in capitals). Unfortunately it would have taken too long to add the contact details and address so if you want to go to any of the shows but can’t find details on the net please leave a [...]


Get Away to the Country | Farm Holidays in the UK

Have you started planning your summer holiday yet or just fancy a relaxing weekend away? There are many reasons why you should consider a farm holiday in the UK rather than going abroad. We are all becoming more aware of the environmental impact of flying abroad for a relaxing break but at this time of [...]


British Egg Production | Where do your eggs come from?

I’m really lucky, when I fancy an egg sandwich I just nip out to the barn, push a chicken or duck out of the way and grab a couple of fresh eggs. Not many people are that lucky and most have to buy their eggs in a supermarket but do you understand all that marking [...]