Vets say Badger culling needed to tackle TB in Britain

On 9th July 2009 the British Veterinary Association agreed a policy statement on the issue of Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) in Britain. Nicky Paull, President of the BVA, said “Bovine TB has an unacceptable impact on animal health and welfare and has the potential to be a risk to public health. Yet the current strategy for [...]

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Welsh Badger Cull Gets Go Ahead to Fight Bovine BT

Just a week after Environment Secretary Hilary Benn announced a test vaccination project in six areas of England, beginning next year, the Welsh Assembly Government have announced that Wales will go ahead with a badger cull. In England farmers and vets will be trained to trap and inject badgers with a test vaccine for bovine [...]


Britain Exports Bovine TB to Netherlands

As farming groups delivered a letter to the EU requesting intervention in the bovine TB issue this week the Times Online were reporting the story of the calves exported to the Netherlands for veal fattening who were found to have come from a British herd infected with TB. The Netherlands have been TB free since [...]


Bovine TB and Badgers – the debate grinds on – conclusion

Who is right and who is wrong in the issue of the transmission of bovine turberculosis, the culling of badgers and farming biosecurity? From everything I have read my personal conclusion is that both sides are equally right and wrong. There has been a sustained argument for many years about the culling of badgers and [...]


Bovine TB and Badgers – the debate grinds on – part 3

So what is the farming and agricultural industries view of bovine tuberculosis and the need for culling badgers in order to halt the spread of bTB in British cattle? The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) are one of the most outspoken non-government organisations calling for badger culling to be reintroduced into Britain. To get some idea [...]

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