How to build a greenhouse

If you want to build your own greenhouse you may do as I did and type “build your own greenhouse” into a search engine only to find pages of websites selling books on how to build your own greenhouse.

I don’t want a book, it really isn’t that hard to build a greenhouse. I am a girlie with long finger nails and built my own so I don’t think we need a whole book for it, if I can do it then I am sure you can too.

Luckily I have an engineer for a father so plans for building a greenhouse are easy to come by, although he does tend to go overboard and design The Crystal Palace all over again.

However I thought it would be useful if I spent some time researching where to get free online plans and instructions for building your own. From 28 foot pvc tunnels to wooden framed glass structures you should find something in here that suits your needs and save you the frustration of digging through the ’selling a book’ websites.

Got a bit of land spare and want to get serious about growing? Las Pilitas give you step by step instructions on building your own 28 foot pvc greenhouse. Now that is serious gardening!

If you are a diy fanatic and good with tools there are excellent plans for building a wood framed greenhouse at Build Eazy with the materials list on the second page.

Here is an inexpensive plan for building your own pvc backyard greenhouse and has a paragraph at the bottom about heating your greenhouse.

Mother Earth News has a good plan for building a lean-to greenhouse and the enlarged image even details how to use recycled glass. It is a little long winded on the waffle but does go through each step in detail.

Runner Duck provides excellent instructions for a wood and glass or plastic panel lean to greenhouse with a dutch door.

There should be something to suit everyone there but if not then a tip for searching on the internet is to type into search engines “plans for greenhouses”, “plans for a glass greenhouse” or “greenhouse plans”, this way you largely avoid the book sellers who tend to go for titles like “how to build a greenhouse”.

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