How to find people for UK Farmer Dating

Just typing dating or UK dating into your search engine may not get you the result you want if you are looking for farmer dating. Farming is a way of life, which involves long hours and lots of mud.

Finding a partner that understands farming and rural living is certainly not easy, someone that understands you will regularly fail to turn up for dates because the weather is good enough to finish the topping or one of the cows is sick.

If only farming was 9-5 and we could all make dates three weeks in advance, with a good chance of turning up. However dairy farmers have found that cows can’t wait until lunch time to be milked, everything doesn’t stop wanting to be fed because it’s the weekend and despite the weather report saying sunny it’s actually peeing down in the countryside.

It saddens me when I talk to local single farmers who have simply given up on the idea of dating because they can’t find someone that understands and is prepared to accept not seeing them for 3 weeks at a time during busy working times.

It takes a certain mentality to understand farming and rural life, the long hours to keep the farm financially viable, rabbits aren’t all cute little fluffy bunnies, mud and poo wash off and there is no division between your work and home life.

Most people when first trying online dating tend to join large sites that boast millions of members but farmers quickly find these people rarely understand or would put up with their country lifestyle. It is not surprising people just give up.

This is not to say that people living in cities are incompatible with a farming lifestyle, it all comes down to having a down to earth mentality and an understanding that a sick pregnant ewe takes priority over a dinner date.

Many of the large dating sites will advertise under the name “farmer dating” but a quick search will show they do not specialise in like-minded people you could have a long term relationship with. This is one thing I have found with the farming community, most people aren’t interested in bed hopping and dating someone new each weekend, they just want to meet someone nice they can have a serious long term relationship with.

To find real like-minded people that either live or understand rural or farming life you need to narrow your search down and spend a little time investigating the sites you are considering.

Just type in to a search engine “farmer dating uk” and the first website you see is called mybestdate but if you click it and look on the left you will see dating by nationality, religion, etc. This is called a landing page, they use many pages like this to attract people but everyone is simply joining the same site, so uk farmers and russian nurses are all lumped together.

The first website on the list specifically designed for UK country and farming people is Country Couples but this is down at number 6 on the page. The problem is search engines are simply machines that cannot tell the difference between a genuine site for UK rural singles and everyone that uses landing pages.

To find the right sites you need to type in a few words relevant to farming and rural life, as only websites that cater for this lifestyle will contain these keywords a number of times.

So if you type in “uk dating farmers rural countryside” the search engines get a better idea of what you are really looking for and will return better results. With this search you will find Country Couples, Muddy Matches, Countryside Love, Love Horse, etc.

So when looking for the right website try these searches:

uk dating farmer rural

uk rural dating

uk countryside dating

farmer dating rural countryside

farmers for countryside dating

farmers for rural dating

Once you find a good website don’t give up too easily, most sites have new members joining each week so Mr/Miss right may be a week away and communication is the key. Smaller sites are slower but remember farmers are busy people, so they don’t have all day or night to send messages or chat. Don’t just sit there waiting for messages, get involved with the community and you will soon find someone that shares your interests and lifestyle.

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