Grow Your Own Potatoes in Containers

You don’t need 50 acres to be able to grow your own potatoes, you can grow potatoes in pots or containers on your patio, along the side of your drive or even on a balcony and growing potatoes is not nearly as complicated as most people think. We use large buckets or tubs placed around [...]


5 Reasons to Grow Your Own

There are a number of reasons to grow your own and if you have been putting it off then read these top 5 reasons to grow your own and then get out in the garden and start digging. If you are elderly or unwell then get a friend or relative to start you off by [...]

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How to build a greenhouse

If you want to build your own greenhouse you may do as I did and type “build your own greenhouse” into a search engine only to find pages of websites selling books on how to build your own greenhouse. I don’t want a book, it really isn’t that hard to build a greenhouse. I am [...]


How to start growing your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables can be both rewarding and frustrating, depending on how the years crop does. However when they grow well there is nothing like a basket of your own home grown veg, where you know for certain what has been sprayed onto them. Country Life recently published an article stating that “Vegetable seed [...]

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