What to do with excess tomatoes | Tomato Sauce Recipe

Simon has sent me a message asking what to do with excess tomatoes … Easy Tomato Sauce recipe is called for I think. Growing your own can be a frustrating experience, you seem to wait forever for them to ripen and then suddenly you have so many you don’t know what to do with them. [...]


No Patience Blackcurrant Jelly

When God was handing out patience I just couldn’t be bothered to stand in line and went off to have a fag behind the bike shed. When it comes to cooking I therefore have to find quick and simple ways to produce good food or I get bored and end up with black chewy stuff [...]


Cauliflower Soup | Country Recipes

If you are on a diet then click away now, this cauliflower soup recipe is not for you and has been the downfall of every diet I have ever tried. They say all things in moderation but this soup rarely makes it to the freezer, although it does freeze well. I freeze the soup in [...]


How to make home made lemonade

One of the things you learn when moving to the countryside is how to use seasonal fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. Making home made lemonade is something my mother taught me as a child and I thought everyone knew how to do it but when I mentioned it on my dating site forum the [...]


5 Tips for Making Bread

What better food is there than a plate of stew or bowl of soup with warm freshly baked bread? My mouth is watering just thinking about it but most people would never dream of making it themselves, considering it too difficult to do. Bread making is very simple when you get the hang of it, [...]