UK Food Labelling – Animal Welfare Groups

Why would I include animal welfare groups in this series of articles about UK food labelling? In other articles we’ve looked at this issue from the side of food producers and food processors, both are obvious players in the UK food labelling saga. However animal welfare groups, like Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) and the [...]


UK Food Labelling – Food Processors

As most of the British public shop in one of the large supermarket chains, the producers and retailers of our food are by and large the same entity. This is the stage in the production of our food where food labelling has a problem. Supermarkets are using the current EU legislation to deliberately mislead us [...]


UK Food Labelling – Food Producers

Following on from my post UK food labelling requires change in legislation. The first group of people in the UK food labelling debate are the food producers. The farmers that produce our food are the first line in the field to fork chain and they are battling a number of hurdles. UK food labelling currently [...]


UK Food Labelling Requires Change In Legislation

An issue which is being increasingly discussed in the UK is that of food labeling. UK food labelling is about empowering consumers to make personal choices but the legislation for food labelling fails us. With this in mind I thought I would start a new section of the blog to provide information about British food [...]


Food Labelling and Recalling Irish Pork

The recall of Irish pork following the discovery of dioxins in the feed of pigs at nine Irish farms has left British retailers in confusion over which products contain Irish pork. The problem is down to the current law about labelling products, meaning pigs reared in Ireland can be transported to England for processing and [...]

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