EU and CAP – Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Isn’t the EU and CAP just a way to rob Peter to pay Paul, leaving the UK billions poorer so we can have a badge saying we’re in the gang? Sorry but I was looking up a statistic regarding the common agricultural policy and came across an article about the UK and EU and felt [...]


How to get your Children Outdoors

When children are toddlers it is so easy to get them outside, the mere mention of “let’s collect leaves” and they have a fit of excitement and run for their wellies. When kids get a bit older any mention of moving 3 feet from the playstation or computer screen is met with ‘that’ face and [...]


Confessions of a bad blogger …

It has been a month since my last blog post …. in that time I have been wrangling with a nasty divorce, moving home and eating chocolate like it is going out of fashion. Now all that is over I am back to give my views on the happenings in the rural countryside of the [...]

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