Red Tape Forcing Farmers to Quit

Have a read of this: “This means farmers will have to calculate the level of available nitrogen already in the soil, the N requirement of the crop, the available N from planned spreading of livestock manures and calculate the remaining level of manufactured nitrogen they can apply. Accurate record keeping is also a requirement.” Is [...]


EU and CAP – Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Isn’t the EU and CAP just a way to rob Peter to pay Paul, leaving the UK billions poorer so we can have a badge saying we’re in the gang? Sorry but I was looking up a statistic regarding the common agricultural policy and came across an article about the UK and EU and felt [...]


British Wildlife advocates that go too far!

The further I read into Simon Barnes’ article Is killing birds just a part of another culture? in the Times Online a few days ago, the madder I got. The second paragraph sets the scene “It is a small part of English culture to sit under a tree on an afternoon in June, to close [...]


Countryside Culled from Junior Dictionary

The Oxford University Press has removed dozens of words relating to the British countryside from their junior dictionary. Ms Saunders, a mother that spotted words were being removed while helping her son with his homework, has compared the dicionaries from 1978, 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007 and found a vast list of words relating [...]