Kicking the Plastic Bag Habit in the UK

For any of us that live or just visit the countryside there are few things more depressing than seeing the amount of fly tipped rubbish and discarded plastic carrier bags clinging to trees, bushes and floating in streams and rivers. I think our addiction to the convenience of plastic carrier bags is well shown on [...]


Fart Tax and Sheep Burps

I know it is April 1st but this is not an April fools joke, for those who have not been following the story. We probably all remember the frivolity and jokes surrounding the proposed Agricultural Emissions Research Levy in New Zealand in 2003, after they signed up to the Kyoto Protocol. New Zealands proposed answer [...]


5 Best British Allotment Blogs | Growing Vegetables

I’m always on the hunt for new blogs to read, tips to try out and photos to go ooo ahhhh at, so I thought I would share some of my best finds with you. Here are a collection of 5 British blogs about allotments and veggie’s, how to grow them (the vegetables, not the allotments) [...]


Food Miles and Carbon Footprints

Have you ever tried to calculate how far your food has travelled, what the carbon footprint for your food is or thought about the effect of food miles on the environment? Food miles are simply the number of miles your food has to travel from the place of production to your kitchen. Remember many foods [...]


Household Cleaners and Septic Tanks

One of the issues of living on a remote Cumbrian farm is we have to use a septic tank, rather than a modern waste water system. It’s no big deal really, it just sits under one of the fields and the nice chap comes with his tanker every now and again to empty it. However, [...]