Countryside Christmas Gift Ideas

Stuck for a Christmas gift for someone that loves the countryside? Need ideas for great rural type christmas gifts but not sure where to start looking?

Buying gifts can be a headache, we all want to buy something that will be used or appreciated but often fall short in the ideas department. I have done some research and found a few gift ideas to suit countryside people.

Or perhaps you are sick of boring old socks and bubble bath as gifts? Then drop a hint about some of these great presents that would suit anyone with a passion for the countryside.

These are just a few ideas to get your little grey cells thinking about different types of presents you can buy for country lovers. Think about the person you are buying for and what they would get pleasure and use from.

Country Style Gifts

There are some great weathervanes and hanging signs & flower basket brackets at Mandrake Marketing.

You can get stable and kennel door signs made at Druantia Designs. They also make signs for farms, cottages, small business, bedroom doors for kids, etc.

What about something practical? Alternature do welly boot stands and which rural home doesn’t need one of those?!

Know any gardeners? Wiggly Wigglers do some excellent country garden gifts and I particularly like their birdseed saver packs which not only make a great gift but help out our wildlife too.

For small animal lovers there are British made rabbit, cat and dog hutches/kennels and runs at The Happy Hutch Company and they offer free delivery.

Always Bobbies do a wide assortment of craft kits and hobby sets to suit men, women or children. Would someone you know enjoy starting a new hobby?

Art Lovers

Sally Mitchell Fine Arts do some lovely rural limited edition prints, there are categories for dogs, wildlife, farm animals, equestrian, flowers, humourous, etc. There is bound to be something in there to suit everyone’s taste.

UK Gift Gallery do bronze figurines that are resonably priced and a great present for men or women. I would be very happy if Santa brought me their trotting warmblood or the labrador but there are sculptures to suit all tastes including racing, British wildlife, dogs, cats and sporting. You can also browse by sculptor.

The Country kitchen

I am not a fan of buying household items as gifts, they are far too impersonal but here are a couple of novel ideas that would be fun for any countryside cook to use:

The USA comes to the UK at the Olde Glory website, prices are in sterling and deliveries are sent from the UK. With beautiful shaker and country style items such as the black star wire shelf Try something different like their heart shaped frying pan or the cookie cutters with recipe cards but check everything for delivery times as the shelves are made to order so may not be ready in time for Christmas.

The from Ideal Moments is rather fun and they have a number of other novel gifts for a country home like their or … not sure how you would wrap one of those though!!

The Personal Touch

If you can knit I strongly recommend the Woolly One-offs bags which make a really personal gift, rather than a pair of socks or bubble bath. A friend of mine can’t knit but has managed to make one for her sister. They come in a kit with everything you need except the needles.

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14 Responses to “Countryside Christmas Gift Ideas”

  1. dcp511 Says:

    To the point and an excellent article.

  2. UsedBobcats Says:

    Thought I would drop in for a quick comment. Been hanging out around on your website for some time now…
    Just thought I would finally reply on one of your threads to let you know I’m around.
    Hate to go off topic but any members here have experience with used tractors?
    I’m looking into buying one and heard that Bobcat makes a pretty reliable one… found this website
    that has a bunch of them up for auction:

  3. Sally Says:

    How strange that you would choose to leave a spam comment when I offer free links, all you have to do is leave a sensible constructive comment on a post. Never mind, I have removed your links but if you wish to take a moment to read a post and reply then I’ll happily provide the link you were after.

  4. Rob from Figurines (1 comments.) Says:

    You’ve got a great compilation of christmas gift ideas here. I especially like the Sally Mitchell prints. Their were some that I wouldn’t mind having in my own home!

    I agree that buying country kitchen items as gifts may not go over well. If they are an animal lover, why not buy them a figurine of their favorite one? It’s sure to be appreciated!

  5. Russ from Walking Socks (2 comments.) Says:

    Socks never fail, if your a keen walker you will know the value of a good pair of walking socks, Not a pair that cost £4.99 from tesco i mean proper fitting walking socks made from material like merino wool or even try some of the new synthetic water wicking variety. They are not cheap for a reason often the modern sock have compression strips that keep your feet in tip top condition plus when they are washed they don’t become baggy.

  6. Brad from Christmas Store Online (1 comments.) Says:

    I have never thought of gifts for those who love the country side. These are great tips.

    I now know what to get my mates who have gone to live outside the city.

    Brad@Christmas Store Online´s last blog ..Christmas Gift for Her: Magnifique, An Award Winning Fragrance from Lancome My ComLuv Profile

  7. Sally Says:

    Hi Russ

    I have to agree, if you do a lot of hiking then you must pay for a good pair of socks and boots. I started hiking a couple of decades ago and bought cheap socks and boots …. after a few miles my feet were red raw and blistered. Definately buy quality footwear if you’re going walking.

  8. Jake from Dog Christmas Ornaments (1 comments.) Says:

    This is an excellent post about using one’s resources to acquire gifts and other things of that sort without having to spend too much money or feeling like crud because you might live out in the middle of nowhere. Some people don’t realize the resources one has available to them even in the countryside, sometimes even more so than those from the city.

    My dream someday is to live in the countryside of either Europe somewhere or Canada, and have a lot of land and animals. It’s not in the cards right now, but someday soon it will be.
    Jake@ Dog Christmas Ornaments´s last blog ..Do-Follow Blog Using CommentLuv, KeywordLuv And Top Commenters My ComLuv Profile

  9. shopping bags (1 comments.) Says:

    Good ideas – I’d add that country-style products can be a practical and delicious gift! Not many people have the time to make their own jams and preserves, or bake their own cookies. You don’t even necessarily have to buy these things for your friends … if you have a few that would appreciate them, you can make and wrap them yourself. Go to the markets and grab some second grade fruit – great for jam and for fresh juice. Fresh milk would be another awesome treat for country-lovers, so if you don’t want to make jam perhaps you could buy a cow ;-)

  10. Tim Tav | Cufflinks Says:

    You could buy your Man a pair of Country style Cufflinks. You can even get them personalised. I got some recently and loved them, mine had little tractors on!

  11. Sally Says:

    Hi Tim

    I don’t usually allow spammy links in comments but as the cufflinks are so nice I shall make an exception. Certainly a lovely gift for a country gent.

  12. Gifts Personalised(new comment) Says:

    Some great gift ideas, I run a personalised gift website after quitting the 9-5. This has given me some inspiration for a new product, personalised wellington boots… must get to the drawing board and design a pair for next Christmas!

  13. spagiftbaskets(new comment) Says:

    I agree Wiggly Wigglers have some great country garden gift. i like the ‘Try Me’ Collection and the seed lettuce collection. I was wondering what to get for a friend who enjoys gardening alot. These gifts would be perfect.

    Thanks for sharing :)
    spagiftbaskets´s last blog ..Over the Hill 40th Bouquet of Cookies My ComLuv Profile

  14. Sally Says:

    Oooo personalised wellies …. can I have a pair with “Eccentric, not Mad” on them lol

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