Mental Musings of a Shepherdess – My Sheepdog

I took my trusty sheepdog over to the farm where the nice old farmer let us play with his sheep yesterday …. we were having a lesson about sheep dog trialling … and believe me, that 20 mins in that field was the longest 20 mins of my life!

My dog has a few personality disorders (yeh yeh, dogs become like their owners .. I know Lol) …. so one day, when I say ‘Come By!’ he is off like a missile …. rounds up the sheep in a minute, brings them straight back to me and then ‘holds’ them there for me to inspect … his eyes bright, his mind completely on the job … and I smile and praise him and he looks all matcho and embarrassed and says ‘Aww shucks mum’ ….

Next day,  I say ‘Come by!’  and he is off like a missile …. totally ignoring the sheep … hell bent on reaching that far distant hillock where he suddenly drops like a stone to watch the sheep from afar … ignoring my yells and screams and whistles…. oblivious to me foaming at the mouth and attempting that impossible task of whistling with my fingers in my mouth and swearing at the same time ….

The following day, I say ‘Come by!’ … and he sits there, gazing round, wondering what that strange language is I am speaking ….

You guessed it …. yesterday my dog was away with the fairies ….

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3 Responses to “Mental Musings of a Shepherdess – My Sheepdog”

  1. (32 comments.) Says:

    Yep, dogs become like their owners. {:)

    Roy Norris’s last blog post..

  2. Sally Says:

    OMG my dog is overweight and lazy … erm woops lol

  3. jan mcculloch(new comment) Says:

    I had an incredible day yesterday – I was up on the hill taking a look at some Highland cattle … the sun was rising over the forest and the air tingled with frost, The cattle stood by a wee loch, their breath steaming in the fresh morning air,
    My collie loves working cattle – his whole body quivvers in excitement when he knows we are bringing the cattle in. He sat on the back of the quad with his head on my shoulder – if felt as if he and I were the only witnesses to the glory of nature wearing her Aurumn gown,,,, burnt orange, bright yellow ,,, and all tones of brown ….
    A couple of deer wandered down from the forest edge to take a drink from the loch …. their grace and beauty was breathtaking.
    My collie was disappointed when I turned to go back the way we had come …. he nudged me and looked back over his shoulder as if to say ‘Hey mum!! You forgot the cattle!!’ ……. so to save his feelings I took him back to the barn and asked him to sit and watch the bull for a little while – he lies with his nose to the bottom of the gate, never moving a fraction until I say ‘That’ll do’ where upon he trots back to me jauntily with a very pleased expression on his face bless him.

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