Support Our Winter Wildlife

Between the dreadful floods and the UK’s deepest winter freeze in decades North Cumbria would be forgiven for feeling a little bedraggled of late.

Of course with the luck I have I started a market trading business in October, just in time to be flooded out in November and then frozen out in from late December. I’ve also discovered that working 14 hour days and blogging just don’t go together.

While we have been struggling to get to work and the shops our wildlife friends have been struggling simply to survive.

When rivers flood, animals, such as otters are unable to hunt fish and can be driven to search for food in dangerous places, like feeding from dead animals killed on roads.

The incredibly low temperatures over the past few weeks have seen wildlife dying through cold and lack of food. An otter found in a hotel toilet, trying to find somewhere warm away from the deep freeze outside, was taken to my local wildlife centre, Knoxwood but unfortunately died of frostbite.

If putting out food for wildlife is something you keep thinking about doing but haven’t managed to get around to then please think how hard this winter is on our wildlife and get some food and water out in the garden, it only takes a couple of minutes a day and can save the lives of wild animals.

Click this link to learn how to help wildlife survive the winter and don’t be fooled by increases in temperatures, wildlife that have survived will have lost too much body fat in the freezing conditions and need to replenish their reserves.

Remember it’s really important to put out a bowl of warm water each day but don’t add anti-freeze or alcohol to try to stop it freezing (yes people do it). Also in these conditions you don’t necessarily need to go and buy bird food, just put out any food scraps you have each day starving wildlife will appreciate it.

You can also support your local wildlife centre, who are struggling to provide enough food for all the animals being brought in due to the severe weather conditions. Drop off old towels and blankets and dog or cat food is always needed. Why not club together with work colleagues to collect food and bedding, if you can fill a box then most wildlife centres will come to collect.

Needless to say cash donations enable wildlife centres to buy in supplies and care for more animals, just a couple of pounds could mean the difference between life and death for an animal this winter.

So if you want to enjoy the delights of watching wildlife this spring then please do your bit now, put out food in your garden, donate to wildlife centres and encourage everyone in your family to care for and support our wildlife this winter.

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5 Responses to “Support Our Winter Wildlife”

  1. Tony Wildish (2 comments.) Says:

    we just got another 10 inches of snow where I live (in France) last night, but still I don’t have any birds visiting the feeders I put out recently. I’m beginning to think I’ll have to put up a neon sign saying ‘Restaurant’, or something like that! Still, I have a robin who’s found the loose food I spread on the wall, so at least someone likes it. I guess I’ll get more visitors eventually, I hope so!
    Tony Wildish´s last blog ..Copenhagen – now what? My ComLuv Profile

  2. Sally Says:

    You’ll probably find if neighbours put out food regularly or they are finding an alternate regular food source the birds won’t visit your garden if you’ve just put the feeders out recently. Keep at it, they will eventually find the food and please remember to put out a fresh warn bowl of water each day.

  3. Sam Says:

    I put feeders out and fat balls and things. Starlings are normally first in the queue but today I had two Robins come down to feed together . Lovely sight :)

  4. Denzil from Technical Copywriter(new comment) Says:

    Looks like your post will soon be useful again Sally. I find black sunflower seeds incredibly popular, and they are supposed to be extremely nutricious.

  5. Sally Says:

    Yes Denzil winter seens to be coming round more quickly each year .. or is that just age creeping up on me lol

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