Fart Tax and Sheep Burps

I know it is April 1st but this is not an April fools joke, for those who have not been following the story. We probably all remember the frivolity and jokes surrounding the proposed Agricultural Emissions Research Levy in New Zealand in 2003, after they signed up to the Kyoto Protocol. New Zealands proposed answer [...]


Food Miles and Carbon Footprints

Have you ever tried to calculate how far your food has travelled, what the carbon footprint for your food is or thought about the effect of food miles on the environment? Food miles are simply the number of miles your food has to travel from the place of production to your kitchen. Remember many foods [...]


How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Do you know how to recycle your chisrtmas tree? Don’t just send it to landfill, it takes little effort to have it recycled. Now the festivities are over households all over the UK will be taking down their trees and storing their decorations away. But what to do with that christmas tree, usually dragged into [...]

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UK Biofuels Fail to Meet Minimal Environmental Standards

At a time when fuel prices are rocketing and consumers become more environmentally aware steps have been taken to try to introduce more biofuels into the UK transport system. In April 2008 the government, through the Renewable Fuels Agency, introduced the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) intended to phase in increased biofuel usage in the [...]

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Cumbria – Farmers Praised for Agri-Environment Schemes

Living on a Cumbrian farm I see first hand how agriculture and countryside can live side by side, complimenting each other but it takes hard work and money to keep our countryside in such good condition. In Cumbria, a large rural area, we have miles of dry stone walling, with men still skilled in dry [...]