Petting farms and E Coli

To date, there have been a reported 64 cases of people infected with E Coli 0157 bacteria from Godstone farm in Surrey and four petting farms have now been closed (either by health officials or voluntarily). So far there are no known links between the four farms and one petting farm has two different strains [...]


Red Tape Forcing Farmers to Quit

Have a read of this: “This means farmers will have to calculate the level of available nitrogen already in the soil, the N requirement of the crop, the available N from planned spreading of livestock manures and calculate the remaining level of manufactured nitrogen they can apply. Accurate record keeping is also a requirement.” Is [...]


New Food and Farming Minister for UK

Since I’m in cynical mood today I thought I’d have a browse around to find out about the new Minister for Food and Farming, Jim Fitzpatrick. For those of you who don’t know the former UK Government Farming Minister, Jane Kennedy, resigned last week (read that as asked to leave) after refusing to vow her [...]

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Receivers called in by Dairy Farmers of Britain

Another sad day for British farming as the Dairy Farmers of Britain call in the receivers. The news of receivers being called in happened on the same day the Farmers Weekly reported that farming industry leaders called for retailers to pay a fair price for milk. I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but the [...]


EU and CAP – Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Isn’t the EU and CAP just a way to rob Peter to pay Paul, leaving the UK billions poorer so we can have a badge saying we’re in the gang? Sorry but I was looking up a statistic regarding the common agricultural policy and came across an article about the UK and EU and felt [...]