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As part of my work I spend hours every day trawling through the internet and every now and again I find a gem among the dross. Todays little gem is which is stuffed full of tips and creative ideas for simpler, more wholesome living.

I happened across Creative Living when I posted on a thread in River Cottage. I left a comment about using the microwave to kill bacteria in cleaning cloths. Mrs L responded that knitted cleaning cloths are just as effective, can be sterilised in the washing machine and when finished with disposed of on the compost heap.

The forum includes such sections as Plot to Plate – grow it, cook it, eat it and Homebrewing – does what it says on the label. As a keen cross stitcher I was delighted to also find a section on needlework. There are so many sections that everyone should find something to interest them.

Mrs L I salute you, I am now a fan and am looking forward to implementing some of your tips into my home.

These days advertising and media would have us believe we should live in laminated show homes, with quick easy to prepare meals and every modern appliance money can buy. I admit I fell into that trap, I rushed through household chores so I had more time for ….. what? I now find I really enjoy caring for my home, I like being creative and spending time living in my home. I am now making changes to get back to a simpler, less sterile lifestyle. I am not advocating a return to the wild but in seeking a simpler lifestyle I have enjoyed learning to cook real food, growing vegetables and learning new arts & crafts, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I am thoroughly enjoying being a real homemaker as well as a career woman.

Why can’t we return to being home-makers? No, I am not suggesting we give up work and learn to fetch the husbands slippers but a degree of retrieving our bra’s from the bonfire could make our homes more lived in, more ‘homely’. Food we have prepared and cooked, making do and mending, getting involved with the community and maybe somewhere along the line do some good for the environment we live in.

If you are looking for tips on living a simpler, more wholesome lifestyle for you and your family I would suggest you head on over to and have a delve.

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