Muddy Dating | Dating in Wellies

Muddy Dating is singles dating for people who aren’t put off by a bit of mud. Dating in wellies is a much more relaxed way of getting to know someone, particularly if you aren’t at home in a fancy wine bar.

Whether you don your wellies to walk the dog in the park, spend the weekend driving your 4×4 through muddy fields or get together with your friends for countryside activities, everyone has one thing in common …. mud on their boots.

So what do you do if you’re a muddy single and have run out of available people to date in your local village pub? Rural dating has it’s drawbacks as can be seen in my blog post countryside love, the pub full of ex’s.

The answer is to try online dating but join a site that is designed for dating farmers and rural singles and not just the first one that appears on your search engine or the big free sites, you won’t meet many country lovers on there.

However, once you get chatting to someone muddy you would like to meet don’t fall back on the old “let’s meet for a drink” line. Be a little creative and share what you enjoy … ie being muddy.

Is there a country fair on you can meet up at or what about a walk with your dogs and stop off for a coffee along the way. Do you both enjoy horse riding or shooting? Think of activities in the country you can combine with a muddy date.

If you join a countryside dating site then don’t focus on just meeting that special someone, get yourself in the forum or chatroom and get to know the ‘locals’.

On our site groups of people meet up for walks, dog walking, country fairs, even lambing in one case and it’s amazing how many people have met someone special they wouldn’t have considered online.

Although it can be said that some people take it a little far. Recently our farm was visited by a local single farmer, who parked up his tractor and came in for a cup of tea. After two cups of tea and a good natter he announced that he better be off because because he’d “left the new lass in the cab”.

When my mother gave him “the look” he smiled and said “it’s ok I left the radio on for her”. We have never understood why the girls put up with him but we must admit he is never short of a good looking girl to date. No gentlemen that is not a suggestion!!

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2 Responses to “Muddy Dating | Dating in Wellies”

  1. Catherine Behan (1 comments.) Says:

    Hi Sally,

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! I love your site. How unique and creative to highlight the ‘muddy’ lifestyle!

    Are you single yourself?


  2. Sally Says:

    Hi Catherine

    I was single for many years and lived on a very remote farm, hence my determination to help other muddy people find love.

    However, I am now married but I had to travel a loooong way to find that special someone (well someone that could cope with me anyway lol).

    It just shows though that it can be done no matter what age or lifestyle you are.


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