Online Dating for UK Countryside Lovers Does Work

Finding love in the UK countryside is not always easy, as expressed in my post Countryside Love – The pub full of ex’s and the time and lifestyle limitations of rural life does not help the situation.

Online dating has become big business in the last decade but finding a partner on a big popular site that will be happy to get up at 5am to milk the cows or drive 7 miles for a pint of milk are slim to say the least.

That is where niche market online dating sites come into play, they are populated with like-minded people who share your rural interests.

Country Couples online dating website for lovers of the great British countryside is only 9 months old and yet has had a number of success stories already.

Our latest couple were such fun to watch. The gentleman had been a member since our early days and attended our bbq in June but Miss Right just hadn’t appeared …. until recently. When she joined they exchanged a couple of emails and then would arrange meetings in the chatroom.

The rest of us would be happily chatting away in the chatroom and one of them would appear, go into a private room and await the other … not even a hello for the rest of us, isn’t new love just adorable when the whole world disappears except that special someone!!

A couple of weeks ago both profiles disappeared from the site on the same day, a new romance was in the air.

This shows that joining a smaller niche site with similar people has major advantages over joining a huge site full of city folk around the world.

If you live, work or just dream of the countryside life and are looking for love then check out my advice on how to find people for uk farmer dating which was specifically written for farmers but the principle is the same for anyone looking for rural romance online.

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3 Responses to “Online Dating for UK Countryside Lovers Does Work”

  1. ian mccall Says:

    i am looking for a lady who loves nature and shares my desire to live as self sufficiently as possible. age and appearance are not as important as an inner beauty and integrity. my interest are many, including vegetable and flower growing (employing organic principals), health and fitness, talking, reading, humour, arts and crafts, animals, all things romantic, spirituality, ancient history, making and listening to music, visiting places of beauty and interest……also, i am a passionate cook/preparer of raw dishes and salads and have recently challenged my self to cooking out-doors using gathered wood as fuel!!! i am tall and strong with dark blond hair and blue eyes and have been described as attractive by others as well as looking much younger than my age! my integrity and willingness to always be truthful are my pride and the basis for my self esteem. i am living in rural france presently, but would entertain living anywhere as long as i had access to a pleasant garden and nature. if you have a place in the uk that you are content with, then i could bring the funds from the sale of my french property, or if you prefer, you could move here bringing yours! it is idyllic here with nature in abundance…this property is for sale due to my seperation, but we could either buy the other half or find another place in the region. if that were to be the case, the ability to speak french or the willingness to learn would be important. i would be willing to to do either as i love rural france (l’indre, centre), but i would also appreciate living in the uk again (have been here for nearly six years) to be able to converse on a much deeper level i am open to moving to another country also. i have a large seed bank (i am learning how to save seeds) various horticultural equipment, a beautiful white samoyed dog called satchmo, five cats, many videos (mainly recorded from the tv), over 2000 lps, 200 cds and an amazing linn/naim hi fi system! my sign is libra (ox in chinese). thank you for reading! i hope we can share all of the good things in life together!

    would you copy and publicize this for me in any small way? many thanks!

  2. Sally Says:

    Hi Ian

    I have removed your phone numbers just in case an undesirable people read this. Everyone that leaves a comment must enter an email address so if any ladies want to contact Ian just leave a comment saying you would like to contact him (don’t include any personal information in the comment) and I will be happy to forward your email address to him.

  3. John from how to get tall fast (1 comments.) Says:

    I’ve always found the niche dating sites to be best. Granted I’ve not found a life long partner yet but I’ve made some amazing freinds and met some great people along the way. And had some fun. ;)

    All these bigger ones are too hit and miss.

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