Why Shotguns and Love Don’t Mix

A Lincolnshire gamekeeper has been sentenced to 17 years in jail after admitting attempted murder and possessing a gun in a public place, proving that shotguns and love don’t mix. Andrew Dixon, 46 and an ex Grenadier Guard, tried to kill his friend Neil Willett with a double-barrelled shotgun because he was dating Mr Dixon’s [...]


Romance in the Countryside

Generally speaking farmers and country folk tend to be more of a practical nature than a romantic one, so Valentine’s Day in the countryside can often come and go without any romantic gestures. This year let’s try to be a little different, although it doesn’t have to be limited to Valentine’s day. We country women [...]


Places to visit in Cumbria | A day out in Carlisle

On a day out in Cumbria you can find something to entertain the whole family. Cumbria is not just the home of the Lake District and rugged scenery, there are many places of interest to see. Let’s start with Carlisle, as it’s the capital city of Cumbria and the most Northerly town in England. Carlisle [...]


Muddy Dating | Dating in Wellies

Muddy Dating is singles dating for people who aren’t put off by a bit of mud. Dating in wellies is a much more relaxed way of getting to know someone, particularly if you aren’t at home in a fancy wine bar. Whether you don your wellies to walk the dog in the park, spend the [...]


Online Dating for UK Countryside Lovers Does Work

Finding love in the UK countryside is not always easy, as expressed in my post Countryside Love – The pub full of ex’s and the time and lifestyle limitations of rural life does not help the situation. Online dating has become big business in the last decade but finding a partner on a big popular [...]