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Thu, Jun 11, 2009

Online Dating Scams

Second only to flight money, the Basic Travel Allowance (BTA) is the scammers highest paying income.

Also known as the Personal Travel Allowance, Travellers Allowance Fee, Travellers Assistance Fund, Travellers Assurance Fund and numerous other forms of “I have to have wodges of your cash or they won’t let me fly”.

Let’s get this over with now … THERE IS NO SUCH THING any more, anywhere, it’s an online dating scam.

First of all look at the wording Basic Travel ALLOWANCE, not basic travel requirement.

In the same way as we now have cigarette and alcohol allowances (ie the maximum amount you can take into/out of a country) the BTA used to be the maximum amount of local currency that could be exchanged and taken out of a country.


If poorer nations just allowed everyone to take as much cash as they liked out of their country the economy would be dead in the water in a week.

Therefore, poorer countries introduced the BTA to limit the amount of local currency that exited their country. This was scrapped 3-4 decades ago and replaced with other currency allowances but it gives the scammers an excellent legitimate sounding tool to get your money.

Something vital to understand is that third world countries don’t care who leaves or if they ever come back, the people that care are the country the person is travelling to.

This means that during the visa application process the applicant must prove to the visa section of the country they are visiting that they, or their sponsor, is financially able to pay for travel and expenses.

Very occasionally passport control at their destination country may randomly ask a traveller how much cash they have (this is usually when someone from a third world country arrives for a two week stay with 10 suitcases) and 50-100 pounds sterling/dollars or equivalent is more than adequate.

There is NO requirement, anywhere, for the person to show their government/travel agency/airline that they have 1000 pounds/dollars in cash … it’s a spinoff from the Nigerian 419 dating scam and a very effective one.

The usual amount asked for in terms of BTA is between 800 and 3000 pounds or dollars.

Let’s put this into context … on the Nigerian section of the Expat Blog we see:

the cost of living in Nigeria… a bit of an odd question as 90% of the population lives on less than a dollar a day.

So if you send them 1000 pounds  (without calculating the flight money etc) you have just paid them 8 years basic living allowance.

Bet you wish someone would give you 8 years of salary free for just making a couple of phone calls and sending a few emails!!

Not hitting home yet?

Let’s try something more visual. At todays exchange rate 1000 British pounds is 241,127.33 NGN (nigerian currency).

Now go to Nigeria Car Finder and in the second hand car section leave everything as any and set the price to 250000

My search showed that your hard earned cash could buy a scammer:

1992 Honda, Accord … takes just 1 successful scam (flight and BTA money)
1993 190e mercedes, 1993 model … takes just 1 successful scam (flight +BTA)
2000 Mercedes-Benz, 200-Series … takes just 3 successful scams (flight and BTA)

Now then, do YOU drive a mercedes?

What about a home in a well-to-do area?

“Real estate for sale: 3 bedroom bungalow in cornerstone estate Price: 7 million”

So they just have to scam 10 people in the UK out of 3000 pounds for flight/BTA/hospital etc and bingo, they can live the high life without a mortgage … can you?

I’m sorry to be so brutal about this but you MUST understand that sending these people money is the equivalent of you having a half decent win on the lottery.

To make matters worse if you send them just 1 pound or dollar they will never leave you alone, you will have to change your online details, your home phone number, your mobile number and perhaps even move house to get away from them.

If you are reading this because you think you might be being scammed (requests for large sums of money to be sent through Western Union for BTA or flights) then I almost guarantee you are.

If you have already sent money then don’t feel ashamed, they prey on the humans most basic instinct, to love and be loved.

However, cease all contact immediately … don’t decide they might just be genuine so I’ll give them a couple of days, if you are reading this your head is sending you alarm signals, listen to them.

Conclusion: There is no such thing as Basic Travel Allowance or any other terms which suggest such a thing, the BTA is a dating scam.

(please note the photo of the boys used in this blog post are not known dating scammers, it is simply a photo of boys in Africa)

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Online Dating Safety, Online Dating Scams

94 Responses to “Basic Travel Allowance | BTA Dating Scam”

  1. Sally Says:

    Hi Aishe

    Sorry you have been a victim of a scammer but I hope you now know what to look for and will not fall for their scams again.

    Thanks for the email accounts used for scamming you.

  2. Sally Says:

    Hi Ken

    Thanks so much for the information. The name Scott should have rung alarm bells, as it’s a man’s name but you are right, men are scammed just as much as women are .. we tend to talk about women being scammed here more simply because women tend to admit being scammed more readily than men do but we are happy to help men too.

    Since you love your girlfriend so much I would suggest you stop chatting to strange “women” online, it usually leads to trouble of one sort or the other ;)

  3. Ken Says:

    That’s why I don’t usually chat to stranger people at all. I had my doubts from the get go. When she told me I signed up for an african dating site, I knew it was a scam. Which btw, I have never done. This person contacted me on yahoo, and how she got my info is beyond me, considering only 4-5 people have it. Including my girlfriend. So go figure. I’m glad to help other people by warning them. Thank you for this site,, As for dating sites, I haven’t been on one, since I met my girlfriend, nor do I have an interest in it.

    Just as recent as yesterday, and to show you how stupid this person was, I asked this scammer, why she was using a man’s name, sending womens pictures, ( which I deleted, as I didn’t care what or who it was ) etc, the usual, screw off type of thing. When I told “her” I didn’t want further contact, she got pissed, told me to ” Furk of babe ” and sent a link to a website, travel adviser, showing that it was a scam. I haven’t heard back since, ( no surprise )

    I have no clue how much money she wanted, nor would I cave in to her begging, etc. I was raised in such a way that a man does not ask for nor give money to anyone that you don’t know, or trust. I got burned once by what I thought was a friend, and swore then and there, it would never happen again, and it won’t.

    My girlfriend, offered me some money the other day, and I politely refused, saying I appreciate the offer, ( which I did ) but I can’t and won’t do that. I would go without before I would ever borrow money from someone I love, or care about. I’d give before I’d take,

    Thank you.

  4. Sally Says:

    Hi Ken

    That is very true, a real man would never borrow money from a stranger they met online, so women beware if anyone asks you for money online.

    Scammers always get angry when you question their motives or details, this often works in deflecting your mind from questioning to defending and comforting. Really these people could make an honest fortune in the acting or psychology world as they have an excellent understanding of how human emotions work.

  5. Ken Says:

    I couldn’t have put it any better. The best piece of advice I can offer, if it sounds to good to be true, it is. DO NOT BE AFRAID to be blunt, and call them out. I had a seargent in the military who once told us, never second guess your gut instinct, your gut will never steer you wrong. I have always lived by that philosophy, and always will. Again, keep up the good work, and thank god for web sites like this one.

  6. aishe Says:

    Thanks Sally, ive learned my lessons, no matter how good and sincere youre motives in meeting new acquiantances,it is useless..Anyway this will not happened again..

    Beware of this name:
    ISELEN EHIDIAMEN this is the person whom this William Scott Looks use…

  7. Sally Says:

    Hi Aishe

    It is certainly not useless, I know many married couples who met through the internet. You just have to know what to look out for and look in the right places … Yahoo is NOT one of the right places, nor are the big international dating sites. Choose a site which caters for your interests, only allows members from your home country (this totally limits scammers) and chat in forums and on the site .. do not immediately move to offsite chat. Anyone who asks for or hints at needing money …. RUN AWAY.

  8. aishe Says:

    Thanks Sally, you’re right…:)

    Thanks for this site..

    More power and God Bless u..

  9. LM Says:

    According to my estimation those who do currently scams are really clever nowadays. For example, they might have pictures of white -maybe even authentic- Nordic ladies. Then they might use somewhat correct English when a man is talking to the “lady” via electronic mail. But in my opinion there are two things which should ring an alarm bell in most cases. First is the thing that no matter what you write in those email messages, you probably get answers that process the things you have described in your messages not very well. When you feel like there is a -I am sorry for this expression- “demented” person on the other email account, you should suspect that it is a scam.
    Second thing that should be a serious warning about a possible scam is that the “lady” has a constant need to say something about a particular monetarily poor country or that a very important part of her life has to do with that country. Then after a time she might “suddenly” get herself in to a “trouble”, for example, with some officials. Then she might “need money” to get out of that “trouble”. I very much regret to say the next thing but they might mention, for example, Nigeria by name in their email messages. But let us hope that more and more countries become more and more trustworthy as time elapses.

    In my opinion online dating could work in a large scale, but for that to work requires that an online dating site should be some 100 times as proper as some of them might be today. In my opinion 99 per cent fair online international dating is technically possible to be implemented, but creating such an environment would probably require tons of hard planning and tons of hard work.

  10. LM Says:

    I am asking from the people of Nigeria to forgive me if they feel that I offended against them with my previous opinion. I just was so angry when I found out that I very likely had been fooled within the context of international online dating and then I more or less projected my anger to people of Nigeria. But in my opinion in my last writing I left the door to mercy at least a little open for every Nigerian person. However, I am sorry that in my opinion in my previous writing I was not able to express my anger without committing an offence.

  11. Sally Says:

    Hi LM

    That is a nice thing to say, well done. Dating scams are run from every country, they are simply more prevelent in countries with very poor economies. Nigeria, like any country, contains a majority of good and decent people with some bad people too. Lets hope that as their economy grows less people will turn to scamming and their authorities will have the resources to tackle what must be an embarrassment to decent hard working Nigerians.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    hi sally
    your website is really helpful. however, i think for my friend is not for she was a victim of scam such as posted in hte site.
    She has already paid some amount thru Western Union thinking that she would be flying immediately.
    now she could not recover from this embarrassing situation. she had place her life savings down the drain. although she is actively working. she quickly gets angry whenever someone asks her about her application overseas.
    i feel pitty for her. i wonder why situation allow this scammers to continunously hurt honest people working their way to establish their future.

  13. Sally Says:

    Hi Anonymous

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and of course it will take time for her to accept that bad things happen togod people. It also drives me crazy that people usually find this site once they have already paid out money, I wish I could reach them before they pay money to these scammers.

    Please just keep reminding your friend that even governments have been fooled by conmen, so why should ordinary people also not be fooled. It will hurt her when people ask about her application but in a short time they will stop asking and she can begin putting it in her past.

  14. Mark Says:

    Ive read all the entries here, but there is a variant of this scam that you dont seem to be aware of.

    Im British and live here with my Nigerian wife.

    It is VERY common for Nigerian women travelling alone out of the country to be stopped by officials at Lagos airport who demand to see a “BTA”. If you dont have it they wont let you on the flight. They tried this scam on my wife, her sister and her cousin (all at different times). All three only managed to leave the country by giving the officials money for this fictious “BTA”.

    Today, about 5 hours ago, wife’s youngest sister tried to board a KLM flight for the holiday of a lifetime in Holland, where her fiance lives. She didnt have any money on her, so they refused to let her on the flight. Her ticket is non-refundable and she dosnt have any money to buy another one. Nobody in the airport would help her and KLM refused to get involved. She saved up for a whole year for that trip.

    She is now sitting in the entrance hall in floods of tears, while her luggage is on the flight to Amsterdam. Nobody there gives a damn, as she isnt from a rich family.

    NIGERIANS ARE VICTIMS TO0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sally Says:

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for your input and I feel so sorry for your sister in law and anyone used by corrupt officials but you seem to be missing the point.

    Of course residents of poor countries are victims of official corruption but the amounts are nowhere near the amounts being asked for by scammers for BTA, usually between $2000 and $5000 or £1000 to £4000 pounds sterling.

    I have lived in the African continent and the maximum bribe I had to pay to officials was £500 sterling but that was to a top government official to get my company formation papers finished quickly .. of course that amount was because I am European. Local people, particularly the poor, are never charged such silly amounts for bribes.

    The idea that a police or government official would stand in an airport and demand a bribe of $5000 is simply laughable .. that’s over 750,000 Nigerian Nairas and you can buy a second hand Mercedes Benz for less than 1,500,000 Nairas from a dealer – “2002 MBENZ C240 N1.5M with leather seats (1,500,000 Negotiable)”

    You haven’t said how much your sister in law was asked for or whether she had any cash on her at all to travel, as many poor countries will stop travellers from boarding planes if they don’t have any cash on them at all.

    One thing I did learn very quickly over there was to pay something, this shuts them up and you go on your way, if you pay nothing they will find something wrong with your papers and keep you there until your flight or whatever has gone. It’s not right but it happens and you just have to get on with it until the people of the country decide to change it.

    To be fair if a Nigerian friend asked me to send them £25 in case they had to pay a bribe at the airport I would have no hesitation in sending it but if they asked for £250 I wouldn’t send it and would have a long look at who I consider to be my friends. That is the difference here, the people asking for large amounts for BTA have no intention of leaving Nigeria and are simply stealing from people .. it’s so much easier than working for a living!!

  16. Mark Says:

    Hi Sally, I too have lived in Nigeria and seen corruption at first hand, its a way of life there for some. On my very first visit I was detained by the officials at Warri airport and had to give them 10,000 niara before they would let me out. Being stopped by the police for money as you drive down the street was a virtually daily occurance. I even had to bribe the regsitry office officials before they would allow my wedding to go ahead.

    What they do at Lagos airport is pick the vulnerable looking ones, always young Nigerian women on their own, and then come out with the hoary old BTA line to force them to empty their pockets and then they take a cut. If if you only have a small amount they take the lot – thats what happened both to my wife and to her cousin shortly afterwards. People who dont comply get detained on a trumped up charge and are only released when the flight has left. I personally know of two members of my Nigerian family that this has happened to.

    I never said that anyone asked her for $5000. Im just saying that Nigerians are victims of fraud too – the difference being they get it every day and from every official they meet. Anyone here in the west who gets such a request for money from a person they never met and believes it frankly deserves all they get – thats not corruption it just stupidity.

    To suggest that the plight of some idiot in the west who sends money to a person he never met in Nigeria because of a pretty looking picture on the net is anything like that of the average struggling Nigerian is simply insulting.

  17. Sally Says:

    Hi Mark, thanks for your reply.

    Wow how many times have I heard people in poor countries say victims deserve it for being stupid .. as though that makes stealing their life savings or getting them into debt so you can drag yourself out of poverty acceptable.

    Of course, people in third world countries believe we can simply go out to the garden and pick more off the money tree and their hard life doesn’t allow them the same high moral ground we sit on but that still does not excuse the actions of these thieves.

    It’s sad that you feel so deeply for the young vulnerable women who are victims of fraud in Nigeria but the vulnerable people in the West are simply considered stupid. Vulnerable victims are simply that, no matter where they are.

    I accept your point and yes theft and corruption goes on all over the world but I can’t spend my life tackling every part of it, although I wish I could. This blog is trying to bring the BTA scam to the attention of potential victims around the world. You and I both know BTA doesn’t exist so that’s the message of this post, if you are asked for large sums of BTA money don’t pay it and cease communication with the person, they ARE a scammer.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Regardless of what you guys are writing still you do not do the same to innocent people. Its cycle.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kate
    Are you for real?
    Relationship should not be based on paying some amount.
    Honestly it was a trap set by someone pretending to be looking for an employee, promising a good job in UK, offering a better life, etc.
    I’m so not pleased with your statement. Hope you guys get K A R M A.

  20. Ian Clark Says:

    The first write-up must have been written by an idiot with a bloated ego.
    So, he believes that these scams originate from Nigeria ? Bravo for your intelligence. People like you with a narrow mind will get scammed over and over for an extended period before the scale falls out of their eyes. My simple reason for the above assertion is that you believe that these scams actually originate only from “poor” countries.

    Secondly, if you see your self as coming from a “rich” country, then what the hell is a pocket change like one thousand dollars or pounds to you. It is wicked people like you that will prefare to let ” crumbs” from your table go to the dogs than really “change” the life of “poor’ citizen by giving him/her “8 yrs basic living allowance”.

    You are actually looking at the world from one side of the coin. If ever you get the opportunity to view things from more than one perspective, then belive me a little wisdom will come to your disfigured bloated head.

  21. Sally Says:

    Well hello Ian

    That’s so funny … your ip address is in Lagos, Nigeria LOL

    GET A JOB or at the very least have the common decency to request aid money from the good hearted people you communicate with, instead of stealing from them.

  22. andrew Douglas Says:

    Wish I had read this 6 months ago as I atsrted helping one of these scammers before they asked for a bta and 6 months later I am 4500 pound sout of pocket . Still can believe how stupid I have been to write to these people and to have believed their story Oficial looking documents made it more believable but now I feel like and absolute fool and have no money to spend

  23. Jen Says:

    It’s sad to say that I have been scamed by one of these characters myself. I thought I was in love but actually I was a damn fool in love. Falling for his every word. I feel like the dirt of the earth, I feel all trampled on right now. I am so grateful for this web page & it’s information if I hadn’t had it in my mind to look up what is BTA I would have never stumbled across this site. Thank God I did cause there is no telling just how much more I would have sent this man………Pls ppl if you are reading this pls pls pls be careful & don’t fall for their tricks & be a victom like me. Thanks again & God bless.

  24. Sally Says:

    Hi Jen

    Sorry to hear you have been a victim. Please stop beating yourself up about it, they are good at what they do and entire governments have been conned so why shouldn’t ordinary kind hearted people be?!!

  25. khakhu Says:

    Hi my fiance is still in Nigerian airport since the 24th September 2010 as they are refusing to let him board the plane until he shows them R1000.00 usd BTA. He always uses credit card and Nigeria doesnt have credit card facility I have actually reported this matter to the embassy.
    What a cruel way of treating visitors.

  26. Sally Says:

    Hi Khakhu

    What nationality is your fiance? Are they asking for 1000 Rand or dollars? Who is asking for it? What did your embassy say about it?

  27. Why (1 comments.) Says:

    You are very foolish, who told you that Nigerians are poor as to 90% earning a dollar a day? Not to talk of all the nonses you said in your idea work. make better research about Nigerian before you go killing a country’s image foolishly

  28. Sally Says:

    @ Why

    These are the World Bank figures for Nigeria, checked with the Worldbook and Unicef:

    Population: 130.2 million
    Average Yearly Wage Rate: $290
    Life Expectancy: 52 years
    Literacy Rate: 64%
    Health Budget as % of Total Budget: 4.7%

    However, lets say the World Bank is wrong and you are right would that mean that Nigeria is the scam capital of the world not because of poverty but because Nigerians like stealing? Is that what you are saying.

  29. Sarah Says:

    I have been talking to someone who i thought was in the British Navy stationed on a ship there. Says he was over in Somalia. My mistake. I should have realized it was a scam. He said many different things that should have clued me in. Like he said he couldn’t receive letters or send pictures etc… Says he was coming to see me but he needs BTA to get here tells me to send a check that he won’t cash and give it back to me when he gets here. 1500 us dollars. What a fool I have been. He scammed me with a daughter story too.

  30. Travis Says:

    okay I meet this woman from Wisconsin four months ago and we have meet on several ocasions she decided to go to Nigeria a month ago and now is trying to get back actually today and there telling her she needs to pay a BTA but she can’t afford it and I thought BTA sounded fake so I looked it up and found this blog so how can I help her so we both don’t get screwed please can I call someone or what we both need your help

  31. Sally Says:

    Hi Travis,

    You don’t say if she is American or Nigerian or whether you know her well enough that she should be calling you for financial help rather than a family member or close friend?

    If she is American she needs to contact the US Embassy in Nigeria.

  32. Sally Says:

    Oh no Sarah … why would a member of the British Navy need US dollars???

    Nobody in the armed forces needs BTA or money to connect a phone line or a stranger on the net to apply for leave for them.

    I’m so sorry you got scammed but I hope you have learned the warning sogns for next time. Hugs

  33. Travis Says:

    I don’t know if you got my message before but my girlfriend from Wisconsin went to Logo Nigeria about a month ago and cant get back they want a BTA from her and yes I know her and yes I have meet her on a few occasions she not a scam and they wont let her leave please help me asap what can we do the person wants 800 for the BTA from her which you said is outragous so please help me message me at *********.com asap

  34. Sally Says:

    Have emailed you Travis.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    i wonder there a lot of scam victims and yet no oganization is doing to track down these scammers and have them arrested.

  36. Will Says:

    I’m really happy that I can find all this information online. I am “IN THE LIMIT” to send money to nigeria – lagos.
    I met a cute girl on, as it says before on this blog, scandinavian girl.
    Im living in Sweden and she is living for some weeks in nigeria. She asked me, 2 days after we met, to send 250 euro to her.
    After reading all this website… I just have to say thank you to all of you, that could inform people how tricky the world is.
    Im Brazilian, I came from a reality that people is trying to get advantage on weak and inocent. I have been working with poor kids before, inside the the GUETOS/FAVELAS. Most of the poor kids has drug dealers around to push them to be this or that..
    When I felt that this girl, suddenly, was so pushed to ask for help and money!! i thought that she was in trouble…I thought that could be kidnap or someone pushing her to get money online.
    I couldnt sleep this night and I start this morning looking for an answer… Here it is the answer. I already inform the authorities about her.
    The only thing I would like to know, how can we check how long time a HOTMAIL account exist?
    Thank you, Thank you!!!

  37. Sally Says:

    Hi Will

    Sorry to take so long to reply.

    As far as I know there is no way to check how old a hotmail account is.

  38. nena Says:

    when i was reading those comments i was so scared because my fiance still in nigeria and just spoke to him that the airline airfrance asking him this BTA and his flying on tuesday please help him to fly because he got no money to show because he had been robbed there.

  39. Sally Says:

    Nena have you ever met your fiance or is it someone you just met online?

  40. BJS Says:

    A MAN NAME ELROD RODSON FROM UK HAS E-MAIL ME his e-mail is has been talk with me he said he buy and sell horse he got me on evo wed set then could n;t find his sit he is on facebook in uk if this him he send me copy of fly to come here to meet me but said needed 800 for a bta then went two 200 this sonething i wourldnt gave any one . he call s text me he im me all time keep me upset then tell me he love me only he is very hot man in photo he e-mail me his visa and it was a usa visa with same photo he send me now when you get a passport they take the phtoto you can’t used your photo so i just want everone to know he out there he has not got any money from me also i check on horses he said he got and the breeder don’t know him at all so watch out for him he keeps text me ever two three day’s i have block him on my net but my phone got go to the cphone to block him. he told he kill his self he could be with me he also used god a lot and queen so .he also when you tune him down make you feel you are hunting him he very good of what he dose i sent him this sit to him still said he who he say but for him to trust me i have send him trust 200 i told him go to h e ll so you take care

  41. Roland Says:

    Hi Sally I was wandering if Mark was right or not about there being a differant variant of the BTA scam by local Offical how I assume get paid real well there but I don’t know for sure. I was recently conversing with a young lady at least I think it was a young lady that said she worked with Doctors without boards which they are real and she was in the UK on assignment but the she said it was about to end and said she need money to get home when I told her I had no money and would save the $300 USD up to help here come home I lost communication with her for about three weeks and then she turned up in Nigeria say the Doctors without boards flew her unit down there to take care of the orphan down there. When she was about to leave she had them change her flight ticket to my location and we where suppose to me in person but when she contacted me she ask for this BTA that she said the imigration offcial asked for so I told her I would send to her but she gave me some one elses name so I became really suspicious of her and start questioning her motives and asking why can’t I send it the money to her and she can go pick it up from Western Union she told me the she couldn’t because she wasn’t a citizen of Nigeria but I called Western Union and asked them can any one pick in Nigeria citizen or non-citizen they told me that yes and they have no ristriction and who can pick up money as long as they have valid ID or international passport they can even cash it there they told me. so I told her this but she presited and told me that she will be here on Tuesday that was on November 31st 2010 She said she was from the USA originally. I got cerious when she started asking for this BTA so I typed in Basic Travel Allowance Nigeria into Google and came up with several web site on it including this one and they all said it doesn’t exit but Mark is say that there is another version of it but when I told her this and start questioning her about it and then I told her what I did which was to call the US Embassy in Nigeria and for the sake of argument called the UK embassy as well and they both told me no you don’t need it to board a plane to go out of Nigeria but you will have to declare upon entry either into the UK or the US or give them your sponsors name. I was going to be at the airport here in washington state near me so there would not be ay problem with here entring the country because she had been gone for so long. They also told me that all you need is a valid passport visa if needed and plane ticket nothing else was needed. When my US Navey warship stopped there those we were greeted with open arms but we some of use tried to reboards our ship some offical stopped us but when out ship went to full alart because we were stopped at the entrance to the port and guys started coming off the ship with guns they quickly backed off and we all boarded the ship and quickly left port. But any way after I told her I would send now money she got mad and said she was crying because I didn’t believe her but now I was wandering could I have made a terriable mistake and abandoned her there because she said she quit her job because of the love she had for me and wanted to come to see me and meet me. I did cry over this for awhile and tried to talk the US Embassy into helping but they said they would if they won’t even help their own citizens then why are they there in country. So for the rambling on but please responed to this as soon as you can SALLY. She got mad and then told me to have a nice day and wished me luck in finding true love which I think I my have abandoned there please answer me as soon as possible she was only asking for $200 USD. As for WHY’S comment I think he or she is the one that needs to do some research.

  42. Roland Says:

    Was I correct in not sending the $200 USD she asked for for the fictious BTA? I am sad because I feel like I should move on but can’t until i get and honest blunt answer please. ?

  43. Sally Says:

    Hi Roland

    Very sorry to take so long to reply, I have been rather busy.

    No there is no such thing as BTA and yes you were right not to send it. Your story is exactly the tale I would expect from a scammer, including disappearing for a few weeks and suddenly turning up in Nigeria.

    Please do not lose any sleep over this, you caught on before you were scammed. Well done.

    I am emailing a more comprehensive answer to you directly.


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