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National Rekindle Romance Week – How to Romance Your Partner Without Breaking The Bank

12. August 2010


Calling all country couples and singles, did you know it is National Rekindle Romance Week from 9th to 15th August? This is the week to show your special someone what they mean to you and reignite your relationship whether you are plucking up the courage to ask someone out or have been with your partner [...]

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The A to Z of Love | E

14. October 2009

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Entertain. How often do you hear couples talk about the “honeymoon period” of a relationship and what life is like after it is over. Usually about 6 to 12 months into a serious relationship the magic tarnishes and people can begin to feel a little bored in each others company. This really is a normal [...]

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The A to Z of Love | C

2. September 2009


Lets continue our journey through the A to Z of Love with the letter C. The letter A stood for Admire in our A to Z of Love. We looked at why it’s important to take time to admire your partner both mentally and physically and how this continued practice can help sustain a loving [...]

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The A to Z of Love | B

31. March 2009


The letter A stood for Admire in our A – Z of Love and now that we have returned to admiring our partner we can move on to the next letter in our Love Alpahabet. Next in our A – Z of love is the letter B. B could stand for beauty, besotted, bedazzled or [...]

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The A to Z of Love | A

25. March 2009


There are 26 letters of the alphabet running from A to Z and each letter can teach us about love. The letter A stands for Admire. Take time to admire your partner both mentally and physically. When you first start dating you spend a lot of your time admiring each other, you watch their every [...]

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Best Free Valentines & Romantic ecards

13. February 2009

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Want to know where the best free Valentines and romantic ecards are hanging out? The net is full of cutesy or just plain awful ecards but there are some free romantic ecards to send to your Valentine or the love of your life that will certainly make their day. It can take hours trawling through [...]

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10 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gestures

2. February 2009


Everyone loves to receive a Valentine’s Day gesture. Even those that claim it’s silly or a waste of money often feel disappointed if they don’t receive something on Valentine’s Day. February 14th is a day to celebrate love, whether you simply admire someone you have never been out with or have been married for 60 [...]

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5 Ways to Show Your Love

21. July 2008


There is a world of difference between loving someone, saying you love someone and showing that someone you love them. Your thoughts and emotions are your own, your Partner cannot feel them or experience your emotions. You can say one hundred times a day that you love your partner but if you then beat them [...]

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Top 10 Romantic Flowers and their Meaning

6. July 2008


Some of us ladies are still thrilled when the florist van arrives at our door but before sending flowers find out what message you are sending. Rather than just nipping in to the local petrol station or buying forced flowers from the supermarket, put a little effort in to selecting and sending flowers. However beware [...]

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