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The Imperfect Partner: Why “Settling” Isn’t Always a Bad Idea

14. July 2010


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Nobody’s perfect”, but do we really take it to heart? When it comes to love, it seems that the answer is generally “no”. More than ever before, today’s singles (and marrieds, but that’s a different post…) have options. Many of us truly believe that we will find the perfect partner, [...]

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Online Dating and Rudeness

13. May 2009


One of the regular complaints about online dating is the rudeness that abounds. I am often asked how to deal with rudeness on online dating sites and after the first date. There are three distinct catagories of dating rudeness I can think of and while they vary in degree they are all unnecessary and are [...]

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Are You Lonely and Looking for Love?

1. July 2008


Mother Teresa said “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread” and rarely have truer words been spoken. Unless you have been crushingly lonely you don’t understand just what a strong and self destructive emotion it can be. I am not talking about the level of loneliness you [...]

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Can we learn anything from arranged marriages?

10. June 2008


We all hear the horror stories of young women forced into loveless arranged marriages by their families and unfortunately this does happen but that is only one aspect of arranged marriage, albeit a very unpleasant aspect. When I came to the Middle East almost 3 years ago, with my 40 year old independent career women [...]

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5 Tips for Dating After Divorce

3. June 2008


Divorce often leaves us in a social vacuum, we no longer have the social circle we once had as singles and it is difficult to socialise with our married friends as we usually share these with our ex. Divorce also often leaves us with diminished confidence and the years of marriage have blunted our dating [...]

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Dating tips – 5 ways to be a great date

24. May 2008


Most people when asked “are you a great date” would automatically reply either “yes” or “I hope so” but how do you know if you really are a great date? Is it by the number of times you are asked on a second date or the times your date accepts a second date? Perhaps it [...]

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7 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

22. May 2008


Cheating partners tend to have certain habits in common, so here are 7 signs that may be an indication your partner is cheating on you. Bank robbers do not plan a robbery with the intention of being caught, they assume they are more intelligent than those in jail and that they will get away with [...]

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Dating a work colleague – for or against?

18. May 2008


Dating a work colleague is one of those issues that tends to bring people out firmly for or against depending on their personal experiences of dating at work. People need not have dated a work colleague but may have simply been in an workplace where a romance was ongoing. We spend roughly a third of [...]

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6 Things Not to Discuss or Talk About on a First Date

9. May 2008


There are certain topics you should not discuss on a first date, no matter what. We all know when on a first date not to discuss our bowel movements but for some reason I keep meeting people who discuss topics which put me off totally. A first date can find your mouth working before your [...]

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