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Best Free Valentines & Romantic ecards

13. February 2009

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Want to know where the best free Valentines and romantic ecards are hanging out? The net is full of cutesy or just plain awful ecards but there are some free romantic ecards to send to your Valentine or the love of your life that will certainly make their day. It can take hours trawling through [...]

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Top 10 Romantic Flowers and their Meaning

6. July 2008


Some of us ladies are still thrilled when the florist van arrives at our door but before sending flowers find out what message you are sending. Rather than just nipping in to the local petrol station or buying forced flowers from the supermarket, put a little effort in to selecting and sending flowers. However beware [...]

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10 Great Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

25. June 2008


Long distance relationships can work and give you so many opportunities to show your romantic side. Dating online often leads to long distance relationships and it may be some time before you are both able to bring your lives together. It is quite easy to get into a routine, even when dating long distance. You [...]

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Passionate about Pink

16. May 2008


I am so excited today having just heard about the development of the Irresistibly Pink website (the home of pink shopping) but for now I have to content myself with the Irresistibly Pink blog which is part of the pinkest website on the planet. I am passionate about pink, yet I have no idea why. [...]

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Romantic gift ideas for her that don’t break the bank

16. April 2008


Apparently some women are not pleased by a romantic gesture – yeah right, I have yet to meet one that isn’t. However, the majority of us are just thrilled by them and just as thrilled with a small gesture as a grand gesture. I don’t need a weekend in Paris or diamonds to make my [...]

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