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5 Great Literary Date Ideas

4. April 2009


Are you a bookworm or dating a bookworm? You can combine dating and your love of the literary world. Whether you want to spend a couple of hours one afternoon or a whole weekend devoted to books, there is a literary date to suit every book lover. If you are dating a book lover but [...]

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4 Fun Outdoor Dating Ideas with a Difference

21. January 2009


Do you love outdoor activities with your dating partner but are struggling for date ideas beyond going for a bike ride or walk in the park? Here are 4 ideas for outdoor dates but they all have a twist to make the date more enjoyable. 1. Treasure Hunting Not a boring day on the beach [...]

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5 Date Ideas for Shy People

19. January 2009


Coming up with date ideas for shy people is not as easy as it sounds, dating can be quite a painful experience if you are very shy. Where you take a shy date will depend upon just how shy they are, the more shy they are the quieter the location should be. Don’t plan long [...]

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Dating in Winter | Top 5 Romantic Winter Dates

16. December 2008


Dating in winter can be so romantic, with twinkly lights and candles everywhere. Are you stuck for romantic winter date ideas? Here are my top 5 winter date ideas to really bring the romance into your next date, whether that is with someone new or a long term partner. 1. Go Ghost Hunting Winter is [...]

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Top 10 Romantic Movies Even Men Can Watch

14. December 2008


A romantic night on the sofa just can’t be beaten in winter but if you choose the wrong films to watch your date may just fall asleep. For us ladies it really needs to be a romantic “chick flick” for us to get that snuggle in feeling, which let’s be honest guys is what you [...]

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10 Inexpensive Dates – Cheap Date Ideas

28. November 2008


Need cheap date ideas? Want to be frugal without looking cheap to your date? Here are 10 inexpensive dates that won't look cheap but are fun and romantic.

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10 Great Questions for a First Date

1. June 2008


Few people are really very good at the art of conversation and it can be difficult to know which questions you should ask on a first date to keep the conversation going. A first date is not a job interview so avoid questions to do with money, previous relationships and ‘prospects’ (eg where will you [...]

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