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Should I admit I had a one night stand?

21. March 2009

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Shame and guilt will lead you to ask the question should I admit I had a one night stand but before you admit to a one night stand consider your partner. Unlike the question should I admit to having an affair the question of whether you should admit to having had a one night stand [...]

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Passive or Active Online Dating

11. March 2009


There are two types of online daters, passive and active. Passive daters make up over 80% of the online dating world and are far less likely to succeed. Like a fitness programme, it won’t work by sitting on your sofa and reading books about getting fit or meeting that someone special. In order to be [...]

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When to Give Out Your Phone Number | Online Dating

2. March 2009


When to give out your phone number to someone you have met on an online dating site? One way to decide when the time is right is to ask yourself who you would hand your phone number to in an offline situation. If you met someone in a bar and chatted for half an hour [...]

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Afraid of Relationships or Love?

20. February 2009


Are you afraid of relationships or falling in love? Have past experiences hurt you to the point that relationships and love scare you? If so you are certainly not alone. As we get older fear can stop us entering a new relationship because experience tells us it ends badly and we get hurt. Pain is [...]

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How to Get Out of a Bad Date

7. February 2009


Ever wondered how to get out of a bad date? You know the ones, where you sit there hoping the building will catch fire so you have a good excuse to leave. It’s a horrible situation, you have nothing in common and the longer you sit there the more faults you can find with them, [...]

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Friends With Benefits or Just Being Used?

16. January 2009


“Friends with Benefits” is a term used for sex only relationships with a friend but do friends with benefits relationships work? It’s easy to think or say “it’s just a bit of fun and nobody will get hurt” but the reality of these arrangements is more often than not a broken friendship and emotional pain [...]

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Abusive Relationships – Where to get help

11. January 2009


Whether your partner is physically abusive, mentally abusive or a self abuser like an alcoholic … you need to accept that waiting around trying to change them is not going to work. Abusive relationships get worse over time, not better. It is not only weak people that become victims of abuse, I was a very [...]

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Rules for Dating a Work Colleague

2. January 2009


Now all the works Christmas parties are over some people will be faced with the dilemma of dating a work colleague. In large workplaces ‘office romances’ are inevitable but being mature and setting ground rules from the start can save a lot of problems in the future. It has never been a good idea to [...]

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Would you Date a Man with Facial Hair?

9. December 2008


Facial hair on a man is something that women are either attracted to or seriously put off by. Dating a man with facial hair is personal choice but what percentage of women would date a man with a beard? When asked this question today I was reminded of one of my deep dating regrets. When [...]

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