4 Fun Outdoor Dating Ideas with a Difference

Wed, Jan 21, 2009

Date Ideas, Outdoor Dating

Do you love outdoor activities with your dating partner but are struggling for date ideas beyond going for a bike ride or walk in the park?

Here are 4 ideas for outdoor dates but they all have a twist to make the date more enjoyable.

1. Treasure Hunting

Not a boring day on the beach with a metal detector or a night sticking clues to trees. This is a a more fun way to have a bike ride, walk or even roller skating afternoon. Just make up a few envelopes with clues and number the envelopes. Give your date the first envelope and let them find the first location, each time they solve a clue just hand them the next envelope. Have a small gift for when they solve the final clue, whether it’s an expensive piece of jewellery, your last rolo or just a big kiss, your partner will have fun solving the clues and you will have the pleasure of watching them.

2. Fruit Frenzy

Whether you can get out into a field to pick your own fresh fruit or just visit a city fruit market together, spend a Saturday afternoon outdoors picking or buying fruit. Try something new, whatever is in season that you usually wouldn’t cook with. Whether you make desserts, wines or jams make up small gift baskets and spend Sunday afternoon together delivering them to friends. Try something like the BBC food website, where you can type in up to three ingredients and it will list top chefs recipes they have for that fruit.

3. Watch the Sunrise

Just before sunrise is one of the best times of day, it’s peaceful and you can watch mother nature in all her glory but who goes a date at sunrise?! Well you can, it will be such a surprise for your date. Prepare a flask of your favourite hot drink and some nibbles to munch on. Arrange to pick your date up so you will be at your chosen location about an hour before sunrise (whether your location is a scenic spot, a park or just the back garden).  Wrap up together in the same blanket, sip your hot drink, eat your nibbles and star gaze as the night fades, then watch the sun change the world around you … so romantic.

4. Get Snapping

We all have a camera but few of us ever use them. Go for a walk, ride or drive whether it’s to a forest, lake or the local park and take photos of anything intersesting you spot. If you get any good pictures upload them to a website that offers free images, like stock xchng then you will have the pleasure of a day outdoors taking the photos but also fun indoors seeing where your photos are used.

Nothing there that takes your fancy? Then check out this long list of activities for outdoors and see if anything gets the little grey cells going.

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23 Responses to “4 Fun Outdoor Dating Ideas with a Difference”

  1. RobEckert from my business marketing center (1 comments.) Says:

    Nice blog on dating and relationship advice.I like the idea about watching the sunrise and Treasure Hunting.Nice post.I’ll be back for more.

  2. Sally Says:

    Look forward to seeing you again Rob, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Gary from gatwick parking (1 comments.) Says:

    My partner and I like to walk in the countryside together. One little thing we do is take it in turns to plan ‘Mystery’ walks. One of us plans the walk which is then a surprise for the other. Great fun both planning and then being surprised by the locations. Great post BTW

    Gary’s last blog post..Gatwick Parking – Weekend stays – £12.75

  4. Sally Says:

    Hey that sounds like fun Gary, what a lucky lady she is to have a romantic man. Thanks for dropping by, glad you liked the post.

  5. dcp511 (1 comments.) Says:

    Really good read, nice to read a good blog at last!

  6. victoria Says:

    Hi there Sorry for the off-top… Where did you get such a blog theme? Could you please share a link?

  7. Sally Says:

    The theme is by WooThemes, the themes are not free but they are excellent and the support is brilliant.

  8. jeff (Divorce Advice) Says:

    I like this article great information.

  9. Sally Says:

    Jeff I had to take your site link off as it just comes up with a page link error, googled you and tried entering through your indexed link but same problem.

  10. Madison from best beaches (1 comments.) Says:

    My favorite outdoor romantic activity has got to be star watching. Choose a clear not-too-cold night with little moon, head out for a quiet spot in the countryside, a go for a eerie walk. Spotting a shooting star makes for a really magical moment.

    Madison’s last blog post..Sugar Bowl, California – Description, Photos, Wallpapers 1280×1024,1024×768,1280×800

  11. Rob from Free Brighton (1 comments.) Says:

    Fruit frenzy is my fave. Try bying something really obscure and using gogle to find a recipe for it.

    Rob’s last blog post..Charity Wankathon

  12. Carol from Relationship Advice (2 comments.) Says:

    Great ideas. Spending time with your beloved while watching sunrise would work for me. Keep up the creative work.

  13. Jim Toe (2 comments.) Says:

    Yer, me and my girl need some other things to do with our free time. Some great ideas here.


  14. dave from Gatwick airport parking (1 comments.) Says:

    My wife and I are avid walkers and are setting off to Alnmouth in Northumbria tommorrow with our 2 dogs. There is nothing like walking next to the sea and watch the sun going down. Still an old romantic

  15. Sally Says:

    Oh Northumbria, one of my favourite areas Dave … used to have a farm just outside Morpeth. Hope you and your wife have a lovely holiday.

  16. shams from Funny SMS (1 comments.) Says:

    If you’re fortunate to live in a city or region that has outdoor skating rinks then this can be a fun outdoor dating idea.
    This is I think even especially true if skating is not something that either you or your date would normally do. Not only is it fun but it shows that you’re willing to try new things, regardless that the activity isn’t exactly an earth shattering important feat.

  17. Nicole from Background Check (11 comments.) Says:

    I love the idea of going treasure hunting!Hmmnnn, not only that you will have a precious time being with your loved one but the excitement it will give you both.

    Nice blog!

  18. life4you (3 comments.) Says:

    Great blog – some really great ideas here!

    My boyfriend and I always try to have a “day of Fun” every other Sunday, where we pick somewhere to drive to and just go exploring – it usually ends up involving a walk and a pub lunch! But its really nice to spend some time together just having fun!

  19. Albert from jewellery gift box (1 comments.) Says:

    The first and last idea sound terrific to me. When I first read the heading “treasure hunting”, I thought it is going to be boring because many people will lose their patience. After reading the whole paragraph, I realized that it is interesting and romantic. It makes me feel that I’m a kid again looking for treasure. Snapping photos is definitely fun especially I can get it on places such as Stock exchange, flickr and facebook :)

  20. Edward from marcasite jewellery (1 comments.) Says:

    Thanks for these outdoor dating ideas. I loved all the 4 ideas for outdoor dates & all of them sound romantic as well enjoyable. Watching the sunrise sounds unique as well as very romantic. Its a great idea to choose the location in advance and to be there an hour before sunrise. Such a wonderful way to start a new day with someone you love the most.

  21. Bret from Weber Portable Gas Grill (1 comments.) Says:

    Nice tips for dating – makes things unique instead of the same ole’ same ole’

  22. Geoff from Amethyst Jewellery (1 comments.) Says:

    Heh, these are some brilliant, original ideas to do. Good thoughts :)

  23. Novid from fun (1 comments.) Says:

    great tips … have helped me! Thank you again.
    Greetings from Germany

    Novid@fun´s last blog ..STEVE doet KATE PERRY CHATROULETTEMy ComLuv Profile