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Online Dating Scams – How the Soldier Scam Works

6. August 2009


The soldier in a war zone dating scam has been around for a few years now but it’s surprising how many people dating online remain unaware of it. Nigerian and Russian scammers have long used the old “I’m a civil engineer working in Nigeria or Russia …. oops I’ve been robbed/got sick/got a great business [...]

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Behaviour Patterns of Online Dating Scammers

20. June 2009


Are you being conned by an internet dating scammer? Read the behaviour patterns of online dating scammers to find out. Almost every successful online dating scam follows a set pattern of behaviour. Once scammers find something that works they will use it until people get wise to the scam and then move on to something [...]

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Basic Travel Allowance | BTA Dating Scam

11. June 2009


Second only to flight money, the Basic Travel Allowance (BTA) is the scammers highest paying income. Also known as the Personal Travel Allowance, Travellers Allowance Fee, Travellers Assistance Fund, Travellers Assurance Fund and numerous other forms of “I have to have wodges of your cash or they won’t let me fly”. Let’s get this over [...]

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5 Tips to Spot a Nigerian Dating Scammer

17. May 2009


Are you chatting to a genuine online dater or a Nigerian scammer? Become an online dating investigator and use these 5 Tips to spot a Nigerian dating scammer. Before you start playing hot and frisky or declaring love to someone from an online dating site do a little research to find out if they are [...]

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Internet Dating Scam No 1 – The 419 Scam

15. May 2009


The 419 Scam is the No1 online dating scam, also called a Nigerian scam, but it comes in many forms and not only from Nigeria. We have all heard about the “please cash my money order or cheque for x millions and you get 10%” letters and emails, well that is a 419 scam. You [...]

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What is an Online Dating Scam?

28. April 2009


If you are going to use the internet for online dating then it is vital you learn to recognise the signs of an online dating scam. Signals of dating scams are quite easy to ignore if you are earnestly looking for someone to love you. I say ‘to love you’ and not ‘find someone you [...]

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