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The Imperfect Partner: Why “Settling” Isn’t Always a Bad Idea

14. July 2010


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Nobody’s perfect”, but do we really take it to heart? When it comes to love, it seems that the answer is generally “no”. More than ever before, today’s singles (and marrieds, but that’s a different post…) have options. Many of us truly believe that we will find the perfect partner, [...]

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The Best Relationship Tip | Dating Advice

3. November 2009


If you could give just one relationship tip to couples what would it be? This is a question I was asked recently and finding just one gem of dating advice which covers every couple, whether newly dating or in a long term relationship, wasn’t easy. I dismissed the dating advice on how to meet someone [...]

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Behaviour Patterns of Online Dating Scammers

20. June 2009


Are you being conned by an internet dating scammer? Read the behaviour patterns of online dating scammers to find out. Almost every successful online dating scam follows a set pattern of behaviour. Once scammers find something that works they will use it until people get wise to the scam and then move on to something [...]

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Online Dating and Rudeness

13. May 2009


One of the regular complaints about online dating is the rudeness that abounds. I am often asked how to deal with rudeness on online dating sites and after the first date. There are three distinct catagories of dating rudeness I can think of and while they vary in degree they are all unnecessary and are [...]

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Should I admit I had a one night stand?

21. March 2009

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Shame and guilt will lead you to ask the question should I admit I had a one night stand but before you admit to a one night stand consider your partner. Unlike the question should I admit to having an affair the question of whether you should admit to having had a one night stand [...]

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Rules for Developing Online Dating Relationships

18. March 2009


Once you have found a good online dating service and signed up, how do you go about developing online dating relationships. Before you even think of searching profiles or clicking that send flirt button try to decide what it is you are looking for. I don’t mean the exact person, as that will be far [...]

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Passive or Active Online Dating

11. March 2009


There are two types of online daters, passive and active. Passive daters make up over 80% of the online dating world and are far less likely to succeed. Like a fitness programme, it won’t work by sitting on your sofa and reading books about getting fit or meeting that someone special. In order to be [...]

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The Importance of Cuddling | Relationship Advice

8. March 2009


Cuddling is a special form of intimacy, not the foreplay type of cuddling or cuddling after sexual activity but the ”I love to be with you’ type of cuddling. It’s a great way of bonding with your partner. Have you ever noticed that bubbly, happy people tend to be more cuddly. Whereas stern, stressed out [...]

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When to Give Out Your Phone Number | Online Dating

2. March 2009


When to give out your phone number to someone you have met on an online dating site? One way to decide when the time is right is to ask yourself who you would hand your phone number to in an offline situation. If you met someone in a bar and chatted for half an hour [...]

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