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Online Dating Site Reviews – Can You Trust Them?

23. November 2009


Have you searched online for dating site reviews? These are websites who purport to independently review and compare online dating websites but can you trust them? First we have to understand why dating review sites exist. They are there to make the review site owner money … and there is nothing wrong with that providing [...]

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Twitter Invaded by Adult Dating Sites

10. September 2009


I am not a huge fan of Twitter as I don’t do technology and to be honest I end up spending all day following interesting links and getting no work done. However, after some time ignoring it and hoping it will go away I decided to give it another whirl tonight and guess what … [...]

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LDS and Mormon Online Dating Sites Reviewed

29. April 2009


A reader has asked whether there are any online dating sites specifically for Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormon, followers. Shared faith can be such an important aspect of dating and choosing a partner for marriage, so online dating websites now cater for all religions followers and LDS is no exception. A cautionary word before [...]

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Mainstream Dating Sites Losing Out to Niche Sites

14. March 2009


There is clear evidence that mainstream online dating sites are losing out as niche market sites are becoming more popular. A recurring theme on this blog is finding the right niche dating site for you. The big sites are fine if you are looking for casual dating but if you are looking for that special [...]

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Why Use a UK Dating Site Forum?

28. February 2009


There are many good niche dating sites for the UK and most will have a dating site forum where you can chat to other UK members without the pressure of one-on-one messages. People join dating sites for many reasons, perhaps they have an active social life but are seeking that someone special and are prepared [...]

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How to Choose a Good Online Dating Service

25. January 2009


Many people when considering buying a new car will spend time to research, they will find out about safety tests, fuel economy and warranties. Then they go off to the car showroom and say “wow I’ll have the shiny red one with the cool headlights”. Then your new car is delivered and you realise it’s [...]

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What the Online Dating Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

17. January 2009


When I read what some of the big players in the online dating industry are up to I am never sure whether to be angry (on behalf of online daters) or just laugh. If you want to find out about the underhand tactics used by most of the big online dating sites then don’t search [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Not to Use Free Online Dating Sites

26. December 2008


It is just so tempting isn’t it, 100% free online dating sites cost nothing and you can meet millions of people … but are they and can you? Most inexperienced online daters will begin with free online dating sites but it won’t take long before they begin to see the drawbacks and either give up [...]

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Speed Dating – For or Against?

18. September 2008


Have you ever tried speed dating? I have managed to avoid it and hope that shall remain the case. I just don’t see the pleasure in supermarket style shopping for a dating partner but there are plenty of successful speed dating sites out there so they must have an active audience. What was that tv [...]

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