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Behaviour Patterns of Online Dating Scammers

20. June 2009


Are you being conned by an internet dating scammer? Read the behaviour patterns of online dating scammers to find out. Almost every successful online dating scam follows a set pattern of behaviour. Once scammers find something that works they will use it until people get wise to the scam and then move on to something [...]

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The Importance of Cuddling | Relationship Advice

8. March 2009


Cuddling is a special form of intimacy, not the foreplay type of cuddling or cuddling after sexual activity but the ”I love to be with you’ type of cuddling. It’s a great way of bonding with your partner. Have you ever noticed that bubbly, happy people tend to be more cuddly. Whereas stern, stressed out [...]

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Top 10 Romantic Movies Even Men Can Watch

14. December 2008


A romantic night on the sofa just can’t be beaten in winter but if you choose the wrong films to watch your date may just fall asleep. For us ladies it really needs to be a romantic “chick flick” for us to get that snuggle in feeling, which let’s be honest guys is what you [...]

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10 Inexpensive Dates – Cheap Date Ideas

28. November 2008


Need cheap date ideas? Want to be frugal without looking cheap to your date? Here are 10 inexpensive dates that won't look cheap but are fun and romantic.

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Where to Meet Nice Men or Women

30. September 2008


Where can you go to meet nice men or women to date? Too often people are looking in all the wrong places and then wondering why they are not meeting new people. It doesn’t matter if you meet a thousand new people a day, if you give off the wrong signals then nobody will approach [...]

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Let’s Celebrate Snogging

22. September 2008

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I would have to rate a really snogging even above chocolate on the scale of pleasurable experiences, because a really passionate snog lets me know how much my partner wants me. Snogging for those that don’t speak UK English is a passionate kiss. You can kiss your mother or grandmother but you can’t snog them. [...]

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6 Dating Tips for The End of a Date

20. September 2008


Ever had that awkward end of date “erm, what do I do now” feeling? We all have, here are 6 dating tips to consider when ending a date. Or have you said you have had a great time and will call, whilst knowing you have no intention of ever keeping their number let alone calling [...]

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The Truth About Affairs – Affection & Sex

30. August 2008


In any healthy relationship both affection and sex are required to keep both partners happy and in touch with each other. Most extra marital affairs begin the same way, the husband doesn’t show enough affection to the wife and the wife withdraws from their sexual partnership. It’s an age old problem within marriages, the boredom [...]

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5 Tips Before You Reply to Online Dating Messages

15. August 2008


So you joined an online dating website and spent three days trying to get your profile right and then waited for people to contact you …. and waited …. and waited. At last your message box says you have a new contact … woohoo the game is afoot and you reach for the reply button….. [...]

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