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10 Great Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

25. June 2008


Long distance relationships can work and give you so many opportunities to show your romantic side. Dating online often leads to long distance relationships and it may be some time before you are both able to bring your lives together. It is quite easy to get into a routine, even when dating long distance. You visit every [...]

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6 Rules for Arguing in a relationship

23. June 2008


Anyone that says you should always sit down and quietly discuss your concerns with your partner is either emotionally dead, physically dead, eternally single or an American psychologist. For those of us that are alive and kicking arguments do happen in relationships, however it is necessary to understand the rules of arguing. A constructive shouting match [...]

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Dating tips – why it’s not ok to cheat on your partner

6. June 2008


Today I rejected a profile for my website because it stated the man was “happily married” but looking for a fun girl for an affair and my site doesn’t cater for adultery. However it got me thinking about the issue of affairs and what makes people think they are ok. I couldn’t help but wonder how [...]

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Dating dilemmas – Dealing with Jealousy

5. May 2008


Dealing with irrational jealousy can be a destructive process, particularly in a newly formed relationship. Jealousy is a natural human emotion and one we often cannot control. A debate regarding this subject is currently going on in my sites forum about the difference between healthy and unhealthy levels of jealousy. Jealousy is called the green eyed [...]

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