10 Great Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can work and give you so many opportunities to show your romantic side.

Dating online often leads to long distance relationships and it may be some time before you are both able to bring your lives together.

It is quite easy to get into a routine, even when dating long distance. You visit every third weekend or a week every three months, you phone at 10pm every night or write every Saturday. You plan your time together in advance, down to what you will eat.

However with just a little thought you can keep the romance and excitement in your relationship.

Here are 10 ideas for gifts that will help the love flourish, no matter how far apart you are:

1. Swap Clothes

No you don’t need to start cross dressing. There is something very personal about sleeping in your man’s t-shirt. Guys if you are thinner than your lady then buy a big baggy t-shirt and sleep in it for a while before you give it to her, it needs to have that “lived in feel”. Girls give your man your winter scarf, as long as it’s not pink and flowery or if you are similar sizes then give him one of your t-shirts.

2. Use the Post

We have become so reliant on the internet, the speed of emails and texts makes communication so quick and convenient but it is far from romantic. You need to add a little surprise sometimes, post a romantic card, poem or a small gift.

3. Find a Colour

Send small gifts or pictures that all have the same colour theme. Is she passionate about pink or is he addicted to chocolate. While you are out and about find things to add to the collection, they don’t need to be expensive, something from nature or a picture from a magazine but using a theme makes it personal to you both.

4. Send photos

Make it interesting, start at your feet or finger tips and take a photo of a small part of your body, each week send a new photo until your partner has a full jigsaw puzzle of you. This can be as naughty or as nice as you like.

5. Swap Calendars

Fill in all the dates that are important to you, your family birthdays and anniversaries, important events at work or even silly things like the date your car needs an MOT. These all make them feel part of your life, they know what is going on with you even when you are not in touch each day. You can add things to the calendar when you find out what your partner has been or is planning to do.

6. Paper Chain

Make a paper chain by linking strips of paper in circles, add one link for every day you will be apart. This works best if you will be apart for over a month. Each day rip off one of the links and it is amazing how visually seeing the chain getting shorter helps the days fly by.

7. Plan a Weekend Surprise

Take it in turns to plan a romantic weekend but don’t give any hints to your partner, simply send instruction for what clothes they should bring. If you want them to go sailing then tell them to bring waterproofs.

8. Read a Book

Buy two copies of the same book and read it at the same time, you can discuss the book online and this helps you to share interests. If and when you finally come together you can make a small library for your shared home with one set of copies and give the second copies to a charity shop.

9. Swap Diaries

Buy two diaries and each day before you sleep write down a few thoughts. When you see your partner swap diaries before you part again but don’t read them together. You each continue adding your thoughts to the diaries but also have something to read from your love each night. They make a wonderful memory in future years.

10. Leave Surprises

Place small gifts or notes in their home, car, bag, wallet, etc. Don’t make them obvious, so they find them over time. Once they get used to this ask them not to go looking for them but wait until they come across them naturally. After a while start numbering them (eg 3 of 7) and they will have the anticipation of knowing there are more to find. If your partner leaves you notes or gifts please try to resist the temptation to find them all at once, you really will get more pleasure from finding them naturally.

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Long Distance Relationships, Romantic Gifts

54 Responses to “10 Great Gifts for Long Distance Relationships”

  1. Jamie (1 comments.) Says:

    Hey Sally – great blog. At the risk of shamelessly plugging something which I make, we’ve found our personalised radio shows make brilliant gifts for long distance couples. The mark of a great gift I think is the thought and time which has gone into it. I make personalised radio shows where all the content of each show is just for the recipient. So it could be a show for your loved one where all the music means something special to you both. They can also include voicemails from you to your other half to make them really special.

    Anyway, I won’t bang on too much about them, you can see for yourself at http://www.bespokeradio.co.uk if you think it’s an interesting idea. But above all, whatever gift you go for, make it something unusual and unique – it means so much more that way.


  2. Sally Says:

    Hi Jamie

    I don’t usually allow such advertising on this blog but as I think it sounds a great gift for long distance relationships I have let it slip through.

  3. Kevin from How To Get My Ex Back (1 comments.) Says:

    Hi Sally, this is a great post with brilliant ideas for long distance relationship. Even though long distance relationship have gathered a bad name in this society, I agree with you in that they can work if you put in the effort. I guess most people just don’t want to put in the effort. I love your gift ideas and will share them with my blog subscribers.
    Kevin@How To Get My Ex Back´s last blog ..How to Get Your Ex to Call You BackMy ComLuv Profile

  4. Ryan Says:

    I was in a long distance relationship several years ago and wish I knew about this website. This information would have been so helpful as my girlfriend and I were trying to create ways to keep our relationship going. Thanks for the information, comments, and links!