Dress Up For Your Man | Advice for Women

If you are in a long term relationship do you ever bother to dress up for your man?

I am not talking about the french maids outfit in the bedroom or dressing up to go out together but simply dressing up for him.

In many marriages and long term relationships it’s all too easy to slip into the habit of wearing makeup and nice clothes only when you go out but at home you wear sloppy sweats and no make up.

Let’s be honest none of us are inclined to don our best frock and a face full of makeup to clean the loo or if you do you perhaps need to look at why you feel that urge!

However, when we are first dating most of us would rather be seen dead (as long as we have nice undies on) than for our man to see us without makeup and a push up bra, yet as time goes on we get “comfortable” around our man.

He has heard us snore, seen us with a runny nose when we have a cold and there was that awful time we did a loud fart and he was three feet away .. so do we need to dress up for him?

Yes there is much more to your relationship now than there was in your dating days but physical attraction is still an important part of any relationship.

This relationship comfort zone is often coupled with a low sex drive, if we don’t look attractive and sexy then we don’t feel it. There is no need to wait until you are in the mood then dress up, do it the other way around, dress up first and you’d be surprised how it can change your mood.

Have you ever sat at work or in a bar and looked at other men thinking, my old fella never bothers to look or smell that good anymore? If we are honest most of us have but the downside is that most of them have done the same with women.

This doesn’t mean we are all bored with our partners and looking elsewhere, if you ask the average man in a happy long term relationship they will say they love their partner but do wish she would make the effort she used to. Same with us, we wish he would take that saggy old jumper off, have a shave and slap some smellies on occasionally .. (how many heads are now looking toward the sofa thinking “hell yeah”).

Make the first move ladies, rekindle your dating days by surprising your man and dress up for him tonight. He may well ask “what’s this all about” so just be honest and say your relationship is important to you and you want to remain attractive to each other, if he can have steak at home why would he consider pork pie outside?

If he responds well to your efforts tell him to go and take a shower and put some decent clothes on before he’s allowed to spend time with you, then cuddle up together and remember what it was like to date each other when you always dressed up for your man.

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Marriage, Relationship Advice

10 Responses to “Dress Up For Your Man | Advice for Women”

  1. Charles (1 comments.) Says:

    Good post. I think this is something that everyone should do in a relationship (both people). We all get into those comfort zones and things like that. Sometimes you just have to spice it up.

    Charles’s last blog post..Hack Sleep Blog

  2. Sally Says:

    Hi Charles,

    Sorry for delay in replying have been internetless for 10 days.

    You are absolutely right, men should also remember to make an effort for their lady. A shave, clean shirt and come to bed eyes will have much more effect than a slob on a coach watching football.

  3. chris from maroon football socks (1 comments.) Says:

    i dont remember the last time my wife wore a skirt. I think women in general have become less feminine and its a terrible shame
    chris @ maroon football socks´s last blog ..Maroon football socks My ComLuv Profile

  4. Sally Says:

    Agree completely Chris, with the level of equality women now share we have also come to the stage where women drink pints and wear jeans constantly … I do wish we could turn the clock back a little.

  5. rob from compare pink mobiles (2 comments.) Says:

    Following on from Sally’s comment about turning the clock back, i like to hold the door for a lady, give up my seat on the bus etc etc. It doesn’t mean i have a problem with equality, it’s just a polite thing to do (isn’t it???) All that just seems to have been lost these days.
    Getting back on topic – I think that any surprise, however small can serve to put a little spark back into a relationship, especially a long term relationship where both partners have become a little too comfortable to bother.

  6. Sally Says:

    Hi Rob

    Nice to hear you still treat ladies like ladies. I really don’t get the idea that women have to open their own doors to be considered equal to men. I like that men and women are different and I love to be treated like a lady but that doesnt mean I would want to be constantly be pregnant and chained to the kitchen sink.

  7. Ben from board holder (1 comments.) Says:

    We’re all guilty of getting a little too comfortable in relationships. I know I love it when my wife wears something a little sexy. It’s not necessarily what she’s wearing that has an effect on me, it’s the fact that she dressed up for ME. There’s nothing sexier than that.

  8. Sally Says:

    Hi Ben

    Thank you so much for your comment, it is so important that women start to understand that point. It’s not about being a size zero or wearing designer undies, it’s about expressing love by showing your partner he is special and you WANT to be with him.

    Remember guys … that works both ways.

  9. sofa bed for sale (1 comments.) Says:

    An occasional french maid outfit won’t hurt :D
    sofa bed for sale´s last blog ..Sofa Beds My ComLuv Profile

  10. Khaled from live football streaming (1 comments.) Says:

    Haha Now I know where does my Girl Friend get dressing tips from.. This is hilarious, they read our minds so well:/
    Khaled @ live football streaming´s last blog ..Cristiano Ronaldo Proves Evolution!My ComLuv Profile