Why Use a UK Dating Site Forum?

Sat, Feb 28, 2009

Dating sites

There are many good niche dating sites for the UK and most will have a dating site forum where you can chat to other UK members without the pressure of one-on-one messages.

People join dating sites for many reasons, perhaps they have an active social life but are seeking that someone special and are prepared to cast their net a little wider than their local area. Others are lonely, perhaps they have to stay at home to look after children or simply don’t have an active social life. Some will join dating sites because they will meet more people than they would in the local pub.

Whatever the reason for joining a dating site, if you are serious about finding someone special or widening your social circle then get into the forum and chat as a group.

I always recommend that people in the UK, serious about finding a relationship, join niche dating sites specifically for UK members. Niche sites cater to members interests, for example some sites are for country dating, others for dance dating or christian dating, whatever your passion you will find a niche dating site to suit your interests.

Once you have joined a dating site I really recommend you get into the forum and chat as a group. Like any social event, when you meet new people face to face, general conversation and opinions give away a lot about you. People can read your comments and will have a much better idea of whether you would be suited, if you come across as like-minded.

Private messages sent from one member to another tend to ask the usual questions about interests and lifestyle but give away little about your personality and passions. For someone new to online dating private messages can also be a little daunting, what on earth do you say in a first message. Introducing yourself in the forum takes away this awkwardness and you can join in with ongoing discussions.

A forum is the ideal place for others to see what you are really about and someone that is not interested in your profile may see a whole different side to you in the forum.

By joining a niche site you already something in common with other members, that gives everyone something to discuss in the forum. If you join a big site people may not be interested in dance, religion or the countryside so discussions may be very generic and of little interest to you.

Another reason to use the dating site forum is trust, this is particularly important for men. Online dating has such a bad reputation due to the number of scammers and players that join the big worldwide sites and women are very wary these days about who they chat to. By talking in the forum it shows you are who you say you are and not out hunting fresh prey but are talking to people as friends, it shows a lack of desperation too.

Whichever site you choose to join it is a good idea to get active on the site, join in and be sociable rather than just scrolling through profiles looking for people to date. While you wait for that special someone to show up it can be fun making friends on the site, your evenings will be active and by getting invloved with the site you will come across as open and trustworthy.

Here are some tips if you are not sure how to choose a good online dating service. Before joining any site make sure they have an active dating site forum, then join in and become one of the crowd.

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Online Dating Sites

3 Responses to “Why Use a UK Dating Site Forum?”

  1. Ensulkcoons Says:


    I’m looking for a LDS online dating site. I haven’t been able to find many. I’ve found some christian dating sites,
    but I was wondering if there were any sites that were geared towards Later Day Saints religion. It’s hard to
    find a lot of other LDS online daters wanting to chat – at least, I haven’t been able to. Does anyone know of any?

    Like I said, I’ve tried some christian ones, but not really what I’m looking for. I really hope they’re out there!

    If not a dating site, perhaps any type of chat or group related to LDS.


  2. Sally Says:

    Hi Ensulkcoons

    There are lots of LDS dating sites, rather than list them here I shall do a quick blog post about them .. give me 30 minutes to review the ones I like the sound of.

  3. dvi/hdmi adapter (1 comments.) Says:

    According to me Dating sites are big business in UK and there are vast people in UK joining dating sites whether they are married or not. I am also think that once you have joined a dating site I really recommend you get into the forum and chat as a group like any social networking site.