Romantic gift ideas for her that don’t break the bank

Wed, Apr 16, 2008

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Apparently some women are not pleased by a romantic gesture – yeah right, I have yet to meet one that isn’t. However, the majority of us are just thrilled by them and just as thrilled with a small gesture as a grand gesture.

I don’t need a weekend in Paris or diamonds to make my heart melt, a well timed ball of packaging string can do the trick (it was a personal and relevant joke but it worked).

So, you are seeing a nice lady but how can you win her over with romantic gestures that do not cost the earth? From £25 to free, try some of these and watch her eyes sparkle:

Under £25

1. Send flowers to her place of work. I am sick of hearing from men that say women do not appreciate flowers ….. that is because you buy them from the petrol station, you duffus. This is one gesture where you get what you pay for. Prefer something longer lasting? MadKat do a beautifully boxed etched bowl with delicate ceramic roses for just £13.95, you can see a photo at the top of this post.

2. sell ‘intoxicating davana blossom body crème’ for £25. It is beautifully packaged and such a gift suggests ‘care for yourself, because I care for you’. This can be purchased through their website.

3. A keyring. We carry our keys everywhere we go and try very hard not to lose them so rather than a gift that will just be placed in a drawer why not consider something that she will carry with her. do some beautiful mugs and gifts.

2. Mathmos mobile phone charm £5.95 – they are little lights that light up when you get a call. Place one in a gift box with a card saying ‘I never want you to miss one of my calls’. You can buy them at Getting Personal

4. MadKat also do beautiful scented candles with names like ‘Leather & Lace’ and ‘Skinny Dip’ which are bound to create an atmosphere.

Under £5

1. Send an old fashioned romantic letter or card. No, an email will not do, buy a stamp you scrooge. Go on be soppy and tell her why she is special to you. For the funniest love cards around check out Fuzzydon – Love & Valentine Collection

2. Make up a cd of your favourite songs, they don’t have to be slushy, she will enjoy getting to know you better through the things you enjoy.

3. Give her your last rolo in a gift box. Doesn’t need to be the silver or gold ones, just a good old fashioned chocolate rolo – the gesture is awesome.

4. If she is a reader buy her a relevant and romantic bookmark. Again it is a regular reminder of the person that gave the gift – YOU.


1. Listen to her, read her emails, take out snippets and remember them (write them down if you have to). Does she like hedgehogs or hate dark chocolate or love the beach? These are your indicators for great dates and small inexpensive gestures. Go hedgehog watching one night, don’t buy dark chocolate and go for ice cream at the beach. The thought costs nothing, it just takes effort on your part.

2. Pay her a sincere compliment, go on tell her she is the most beautiful woman in the world – we may not believe you but we love to hear it.

3. Wait until the weather turns and take her out to dance in the rain.

4. Go star gazing or lie in a field/park and find shapes in the clouds.

5. Make her laugh – laughter is the key to happiness.

When considering a gift for her, remember that a pole for pole dancing, too sexy undies and edible body paint are gifts for you rather than her. So make your gifts relevant, personal and all about her – she is a princess so treat her like one.

Packaging gifts is so important, you can buy the nicest gift but if the packaging is awful then the gesture is spoilt. If you can’t wrap gifts nicely consider buying a special gift box, Twinklepeeps do some beautiful and sexy boxes. This is my personal favourite, it just oozes sexiness:

So gentlemen, you have no excuse as I have done all the research for you, just click on the links provided and make tha lady feel special.

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