15 Ways to Say I love You

Tue, May 13, 2008

Dating Tips, Romance

How do you say I love you to someone you are dating but who doesn’t share your first language? Here are 15 ways to say I love you.

There is nothing on earth like hearing someone say from the heart “I love you”, however it can lose some of it’s romance and meaning if said in a language that is not your own.

If you are dating someone who has a different first language then make the effort and learn to say those special little words in their own language, it will make them all the more meaningful.

  • French – je t’aime
  • Italian – ti amo
  • German – ich liebe dich
  • Spanish – te quiero
  • Swedish – jag a’lskar dig
  • Russian – ya vas liubliu
  • Arabic – ana bahebek
  • Urdu – mujhe tumse mohabbat hai
  • Pakistani – mujhe tumse muhabbat hai
  • Chinese Cantonese – ngo oi ney
  • Chinese Mandarin – wo ai ni
  • Japanese – kimi o ai shiteru
  • Thai – pom raak kun for guys, or chan raak kun for girls
  • Hawaiin – aloha i’a au oe
  • Zulu – mena tanda wena

I shall leave the attempts at pronunciation entirely up to you.

My sincere apologies to anyones language I have managed to mangle in the process of trying to transliterate.

Now you have no excuse, get out there and tell someone you love them.

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9 Responses to “15 Ways to Say I love You”

  1. crathiegirl Says:

    1. It is spelled “Hawaiian” You forgot an ‘a’…
    2. Canadian – I love you, eh?
    3. Gaelic – Ta gra agam ort
    4. Vulcan – Wani ra yana ro aisha

  2. Sally Says:

    Trust you to find a typo lol

    I shall have to be more careful woops

  3. Ladyliz Says:

    Dutch – Ik houd van jou
    Norwegian – Jeg elsker deg

  4. Whitney Says:

    Hello Sally! Thank you so much for replying to my comments. Can you help me find ways to deal with PMS? Haha, sorry but I get very screwed up. It affects me and my relationships with the people around me, especially my man. I get paranoid and insecure x 1,000,000,000. I over-analyze ALL of his behavior/body language/etc. And I bring attention to issues that normally don’t cross my mind, and I start fights. I don’t mean to, that’s the part that sucks. I do all sorts of damage and reveal sides of myself I’d prefer even I didn’t see. The end result – he is constantly expecting to be bitched out, therefore always on the defensive. That makes ME feel like sh*t, so I get mad, and he gets mad and on and on. I wonder if the way I’m feeling is actually BECAUSE of PMS or if I’m onto something. (When the time of the month is gone, I’m a really pleasant easy going person, and I wonder why I put myself through the hastle.) I go around and around in my head, stop what I’m doing at work to CRY about…fill in the blank. Sit there and stare at the wall and my emotions take over my brain blah blah blah, I haven’t graduated high school for these reasons. I prefer not to mess with the natural way of things so I’ve avoided birth control. Some of the people in my life suggest birth control, saying that it helps with these mood swings. I was hoping you might make a suggestion, either a brand, or a psychiatrist haha! Hope to hear from you soon. I need help lol.

  5. Sally Says:

    Hi Whitney

    You are not alone girl .. if I don’t get enough sleep I am the bitch from hell and like you I can hear myself bitching and nagging at my poor husband but can’t stop myself. Luckily he recognises it as insomnia and sends me off to bed to sleep. When our body is off balance we do get emotional and over analyse everything but the only person we hurt in the long run is ourselves.

    Have you been to see a doctor? It really is very important you go to discuss your mood swings with a good doctor, there is simply no need to suffer this way (and make others suffer too) and there are a number of medical options that can help smooth out the monthly moods, without using birth control. I don’t want to make any suggestions as I am not a doctor but they will talk you through different options, including birth control and your concerns about using it .. you can then make the best choice for you and your values. Many women complain about mood swings caused by birth control so make sure you discuss alternatives to birth control as well.

    I would suggest you write down everything like the need to stop work and cry, over analysing, etc then you don’t forget anything when you see a doctor and it will help them decide whether your problem is PMS, depression or something else.

    Please let me know how you get on and drop by any time you need to rant, cry or have a virtual hug.

  6. juha from Pippi Longstocking (1 comments.) Says:

    It’s in Finnish: mina’ rakastan sinua. I’m a Finn but never said that. Finnish is a very bizarre language.

  7. Sally Says:

    Hi Juha, thank you for the addition .. so do you say something different in Finnish if you say to your parents I love you?

  8. Jade Says:

    Hi I’m from Thailand and I speak Thai.
    i’d like to say that “khao raak thoe” actually means ‘he loves her.’
    ‘i love you’ is “Pom raak kun” for guys, or “chan raak kun” for girls. ;)

  9. Sally Says:

    Hi Jade, thank you so much for letting us know about the error and we apologise for incorrectly using your language. Have edited the post.