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Wed, Oct 14, 2009

A - Z of Love

Entertain. How often do you hear couples talk about the “honeymoon period” of a relationship and what life is like after it is over.

Usually about 6 to 12 months into a serious relationship the magic tarnishes and people can begin to feel a little bored in each others company.

This really is a normal process, as the excitement of getting to know each other drifts into familiarity.

While we are first dating we work hard to entertain each other, to think of funny stories, interesting places to go and how we can present ourselves in the best light.

The most successful long term relationships involve continued effort after the honeymoon period has faded.

You have to continue to admire each other, find the right balance so we neither ignore or smother each other, and remember to regularly compliment each other.

Whether you choose a “date night”, a hobby you can share or just take time to communicate each day. Don’t come home from work every day and just complain, tell your partner if you saw something funny, heard something interesting on the radio or just remembered a good joke.

We often hear people say how much they like a new dating partner because he/she “makes me laugh”. This is entertainment and it is important to keep that aspect of dating alive in a long term relationship.

When you were dating you wouldn’t dream of turning up to a date in sloppy old clothes and either moaning all evening or ignoring your date … so why do it in a long term relationship?

Of course we share our troubles with our partner and we all need some “me” time but don’t let it become a daily habit.

A relationship which is the same old, same old every day, without an element of entertainment, will quickly begin to sour.

Even if you are not in a good financial position (who is in the current recession) a little imagination can produce entertaining but cheap dates. Just because you are in a long term relationship doesn’t mean you can stop dating or entertaining each other.

So todays A-Z of love tip is to continue to entertain each other.

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A - Z of Love

One Response to “The A to Z of Love | E”

  1. Jessica (1 comments.) Says:

    It seems so typical to blame divorce on this seemingly magical period that supposedly just goes away. The couple decide how entertaining they are to each other… thanks for the love tip.