5 Ways to Show Your Love

Mon, Jul 21, 2008

Marriage, Relationships, Romance

There is a world of difference between loving someone, saying you love someone and showing that someone you love them.

Your thoughts and emotions are your own, your Partner cannot feel them or experience your emotions. You can say one hundred times a day that you love your partner but if you then beat them once a day those words become hollow and unbelievable.

Your partner cannot guess how you feel about them and they may be unconvinced by your declarations of love, so it is important in a healthy relationship to show your love.

Here are 5 ways you can easily show your partner you love them:

1. Don’t overdo the affection …. sounds like a strange thing to say but it’s easy to slip from affection to habit. A kiss on the lips or cheek at 7:42 every morning is simply habit and does not show love. Don’t allow your relationship to get into a routine or affection becomes mechanical. Go on be daring, have sex on the sofa on Tuesday night instead of every Saturday in bed.

2. Be playful …. life is very short and most of the time quite mundane, so play with your partner. Be spontaneous sometimes, just grab them and kiss them or pinch their bum as they walk by. While your partner is discussing something unimportant start to undress them, they may be a little shocked but just look into their eyes and say “I can’t help myself, I love you”.

3. Respect your partner. Your partner may hate lace curtains or leather sofas but because they loves you they will put with them but you both live in the same home so if you want to show your love you will compromise for something you can both enjoy living with.

4. Discuss your thoughts about your relationship, don’t allow things to get bottled up inside you if your partner is doing something you don’t like. By discussing it with them, while hugging them on the sofa, you are showing you care about them and your relationship.

5. Share, share, share!! Share the household tasks, share some of your leisure time and share your love by drawing them a bath or giving them a massage … in other words share yourself.

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Love, Marriage, Relationships, Romance