5 Worst Kissing Techniques

Your kissing technique can be the difference between getting a second date or not. Flirting and dating can be a wonderful experience but if your date is a kissing nightmare the bubble is burst, no matter how attractive you find them.

I recently heard from a friend who had found the perfect guy, he was everything she wanted …. until he kissed her and she will not be seeing him again.

Here are the 5 worst kissing techniques that are sure to stop you getting a second date.

1. Eel tongue – this person explores every part of your mouth with their tongue, including the back of your teeth and your larynx. Why is this a turn off, firstly you can’t breath and secondly it just feels too instrusive, more like a trip to the dentist than a smouldering kiss. Exploring someones mouth is fine but trying to use your tongue to get that raspberry seed out of their teeth is not.

2. Lip chewer – they suck your lip into their mouth and then chew on it. This is not pleasant because it leaves you with a painful swollen lip and how can you enjoy a kiss when you are in pain. A slight nibble or suck is fine but when their lip begins to bleed then you have gone too far.

3. Drooler – they manage to salivate so much that you get a mouth full of their spit. Seriously it makes you want to pull away before you drown and gag. We all accept there is an exchange of bodily fluids during kissing but too much is just gross.

4. Darter – this is someone who’s tongue darts in and out of your mouth at great speed, rather like a snake. No fun because you can’t enjoy a lingering kiss. Perhaps they think it’s sexy but honestly it just leaves you feeling unsatisfied. Ask anyone if they fancy kissing a snake and I am betting they say no.

5. Smotherer – their mouth opens so wide and they push against your face so hard you simply cannot breath, even through your nostrils. This can actually bring on a feeling of panic as you try to get the opportunity to breath out of the corner of your mouth. You want them to swoon with ecstasy not through lack of oxygen.

Kissing should be slow, passionate and non-invasive. No matter if it is the first tentative kiss or a passionate “I want you now” kiss, the person you are kissing needs to enjoy it and should be left wanting more not less.

So if you use any of the above techniques then I suggest you stop right now and practice a more enjoyable kissing technique. Call up an ex you are still friends with and ask them what was good or bad about your kissing technique because a simple kiss can be the make or break of a new romance.

If you need to know about how to kiss well check out Art of Kissing which is an entire website devoted to teaching people how to kiss well.

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5 Responses to “5 Worst Kissing Techniques”

  1. Sean from Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry (1 comments.) Says:

    Yeah, I can see how those could be a turn off. You could probably add another one, were someone puffs air into your mouth when you go in for the kiss. It’s a bit acquired.

  2. Sally Says:

    Am glad to say that hasn’t happened to me Sean but I’m jolly glad about it, sounds awful.

  3. Blane from Home Teeth Whiten (1 comments.) Says:

    I think the Drooler and Darter would be real turn-offs. Oprah just had a show on Couples & Romance where they suggested that every couple should have a minimum ten second kiss every day to maintain the romance.
    Blane@Home Teeth Whiten´s last blog ..Cheap At Home Pen Teeth Whitening System That Really Works Offers Free Trial My ComLuv Profile

  4. Jo from Scrap Car Dartford (1 comments.) Says:

    Blane, I like your comment. I will now make sure I kiss my partner for a minimum of ten seconds everyday to keep our romance alive!
    Jo @ Scrap Car Dartford´s last blog ..Scrap Car Dartford My ComLuv Profile

  5. Sally Says:

    Gosh Jo your partner will feel so special …. ten whole seconds wow. lol