Speed Dating – For or Against?

Thu, Sep 18, 2008

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Have you ever tried speed dating? I have managed to avoid it and hope that shall remain the case. I just don’t see the pleasure in supermarket style shopping for a dating partner but there are plenty of successful speed dating sites out there so they must have an active audience.

What was that tv programme called where items went past on a conveyor belt and contestants had a few seconds to remember them? They then won any items they recalled, with the audience shouting out ‘set of pans, record player and cuddly toy’. I don’t remember the name of the show but I do remember it was quite difficult to remember all the items.

If you are old enough to remember the show then you have an idea of what speed dating is all about. It is basically a conveyor belt of people that you interview as potential dates and then you write on cards who you would like to hear from. If they also write your name as a potential date then your contact details are exchanged.

So here you are, you have decided to give it a go, you are sat in a chair at a restaurant type table and get to ask a set number of questions to people as they hop from table to table. Just check out the photo on Swift Dater, is it only me who thinks that looks more like lunch at a business conference than somewhere to meet the potential love of your life?

Just check out some of the names for these companies and you will immediately see what it’s all about … with names like swift dater or fast impressions … anyone else reminded of the Blind Date tv show with Cilla Black?

There is no reason for it not to work, let’s be honest it only takes a moment in a supermarket queue or to see the hunky new delivery guy in your office to feel chemistry and start daydreaming about a date with them.

However in my mind I think chance encounters are far more exiting than a queue of people there for an interview.

Clearly I am not a fan of speed dating and any dating advice I gave would not include speed dating but I do admit I have never tried it. If you have tried it and either loved or loathed it please leave a comment and let us know about your experiences.

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