Should I Put a Photo on My Online Dating Profile?

Tue, Apr 15, 2008

Online Dating Profiles

dating profile photoYES, YES, YES. It is so important for successful online dating that you shouldn’t even bother reading this, take my word for it and just go ahead and do it.

Read any article about online dating and everyone will agree on one thing – profiles with photo’s get up to ten times the views of ones without.

Here are some stats by which suggest having more than one photo also improves your success rates.

Any decent online dating site will have the option to hide your photo and only show it to people you allow, so if you are worried about your privacy look for a site with this option.

There is simply nothing to be embarrassed about online dating, everybody is doing it these days from all ages and all walks of life. There are reasons some people hide their profiles, I have a friend that works as a policewoman and her profile gives personal information, she therefore hides her photo and only shows it to people she feels confident with.

If your concern is the way you look, have a search through any online dating site and you will see all shapes, sizes, ages and levels of attractiveness. Despite what the media tells us not everyone has to look the same and fit into the ideal shape or look. How many times has a friend told you they have met someone ‘gorgeous’ but when you meet them you assume your friend has been drugged or has gone certifiably insane. We are not all attracted to the same people, so get your photo up there and increase your chances ten fold.

Children – if you want to post photos of your children please hide them and only share them with people you have been chatting to for a while. Children are people and have the same rights to privacy as adults and just because you are their parent doesn’t give you the right to plaster their face all over the internet and embarrass the poor child into never leaving the house again.

Unless it is your desire to look like a total prat when you meet for a date then don’t post a photo that was taken when you were 10 years younger, 2 stone lighter or had your own hair and teeth. People tend to notice these things! Enough said?


1. Men with no shirt standing in a room – what is wrong with you? Seriously do you honestly think that is sexy?? WAKE UP, it is creepy. This only works if it is obviously a holiday shot. Do you look like Brad Pitt and have a six pack? Yes, then go for it (and send me a copy) but if not please do yourself a favour and put your shirt on.

2. Cars – why have you posted a photo of your car? You may be very fond of your car but believe me it is not likely to get you a date. If you can post more than one photo then fine add your car to your gallery but not as your profile picture.

3. Dogs – why do so many men post a photo of their dog instead of themselves? Yes most women like animals and will go ahhh when they see it but unless your profile is particularly well written it will not encourage us to contact you. Sorry but we want to see what you look like, not your dog.


1. Professional shots – Ladies, do you think you are fooling anyone with those professional portrait shots? You know the ones, with the soft blurry lens, that have been touched up to remove every tiny flaw. Sorry but they are so obvious to spot. Now come on, you know on an average day you do not have someone running in front of you with a light box and soft glow lens. Yes you love the photo’s, they bring out the best in you but they are not a fair reflection of what you look like when you go out on a normal date. Ask yourself if you want to have a very disappointed date, because this is going to happen if you post professional portrait shots.

2. Bikini shots – if you are looking for casual one night stands then go for it, otherwise leave them out. You may be very proud of your figure but leave something to the imagination, it is so much more attractive if you are looking for more than a fling and want men to respect you.

3. Cats, horses, rabbits, any type of fluffy cute animal – Why? Do you honestly think someone will want to date you because you have a cute pet? We are British so of course we love our pets but they are no reason to date someone.

Conclusion – get a photo on your profile, do it now. Why are you still reading? Go and do it, you will not regret it (unless you are wanted by MI5 and they stumble across it).

Not sure about the type of photo you should include, here are some great tips by Sara at Dating Tales

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Online Dating Profiles, Profile Tips

3 Responses to “Should I Put a Photo on My Online Dating Profile?”

  1. liz from onlinedatingprofile (2 comments.) Says:

    Let your photo tell a story. Photos that are current and show different sides of your personality. If you have photos of yourself on a recent vacation or participating in a hobby you enjoy gives your reader’s more information about you and your personality and will likely increase the amount of views you get.

  2. Philip Says:

    I’m amazed at how many women have pictures of their dogs on their profiles. No, I don’t want to have to love your dog!

  3. Sally Says:

    Hi Philip

    That is so true and also so silly of the women, I’ve never heard of a man dating a woman because she has a cute dog.

    There is someone for everyone out there ladies, just get your picture up. If you’re worried about people recognising you then do an arty shot .. I once saw a great picture of a woman who was clearly lying on the floor with her legs in the air and she had taken a picture of her lower legs and feet. She explained in her profile she works for local government so didn’t want to be recognised by all and sundry but she also explained, in an amusing way, why her sandals were her favourites and how her nail varnish colour matched her personality. Just be creative, it’s much more interesting.